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Man Sought in Connection with Woman’s Brutal Murder

The Sheriff's Department have released the name of a man they want to question in connection with last month’s brutal murder of a woman in Santa Ramona.

The woman, now identified as Jenny Johannson, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, was probably murdered on the afternoon of March 11th. Her body was cut into pieces and placed in four trash bags, which were dumped in various places around town.

The Sheriff’s Department already have one person they are questioning, but now the man they want to question is Blake Larcen. They believe he was in Santa Ramona on the evening of March 10th and left late on March 11th.

He is described as very tall and lives a drifter life style. The police think that he may come back to Santa Ramona, or that someone in Santa Ramona may know his present whereabouts.

The police believe him to be dangerous. Anyone who sees him should not approach him but contact the Sheriff’s Department immediately.

The Sheriff’s Department would also like to speak to anyone who saw the trash bags being dumped on March 11th.