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Grand Opening of TV Studios A Succes

The Grand Opening of Santa Ramona's very own TV Studios was celebrated in style in a glamorous party at the Event's Center on Grove Avenue, right across the road from the TV Studios themselves.

A red carpet event, stars and celebrities from Santa Ramona celebrated with party goers who were dressed to impress. The settings were lavish and party goers and celebrants enjoyed a wide range of alcoholic drinks and tasty snacks with a variety of food while music played.

Mayor Rousseau whose campaign proposal saw the launch of the TV Studios as a potential economic driver in the city while additionally benefiting the cities local talent, kicked off the glitzy evening with a speech proclaiming the TV Studios officially open and thanking the four main investors who are financing the Studios.

Stars such as Ramona 'Razz' Langham and Vandalla La Tavaak and influential and wealthy media mogul Earl Langham were seen mingling and enjoying themselves at the party. Mr Langham was seen participating in a heated argument with another man at the party before leaving the main floor to head toward another party guest.

"We don't know what the arguing was about but Mr Langham enjoyed a lot of drinks and really ate well, he seemed to be flirting with a few of the women in the party too, maybe he pushed his luck?" Commented one party goer who wanted to remain anonymous.

"The party was a great success, everyone seemed to have good and fun time, there were some great dancers and some of the investors turned up to celebrate too. I will be excited to see what happens with the studio and see what creative forces it unleashes in our city." Mayor Rousseau said in a statement to the Santa Ramona Chronicles.

The TV Studios located on Imperial Street in the North side of the city will no doubt be hiring local talent in the form of actors and TV Hosts, News anchors and talent acts.