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South Side Shooting

A grisly scene greets civilians and passers by outside of the Surf Store located on El Camino Street. Police tape cordons off the scene of what has been confirmed by the Mayor of Santa Ramona as a shooting and is also currently an on going criminal investigation being investigated by the SRSD.

There have not been too many details released to the public but a statement was released by the Mayor's office in which the shooting was addressed:

"An earlier disturbance at the docks along Saturn Way and later on a shoot out did occur on El Camino Street but the SRSD are currently investigating the matter and there will be more details released in due time. All we can say is that there were lives saved and that the matter is being handled with care. South side civilians can be assured that the matter has been resolved and the case is now a matter of tasking police force with processing details and gathering evidence.

South sides own SRPD precinct

is newly established and under former Governor Stones leadership as newly appointed Police Chief and will be overseeing the tackling of crime specifically in the South side as the SRSD work collaboratively also to maintain public safety in the city. There will be upcoming programs to tackle crime in the city but also town hall meeting to discuss issues that affect civilians.

The public are advised to let the police do their work and details will follow."

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