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SRSD: Officer Involved Shooting

Press Release on OIS

On the afternoon of March 28th. SRSD Deputies stopped at a house on Rookery Street to check on the Welfare of a young woman previously known to them. While the Deputies were attempting to carry out the Welfare check a female who was on scene and previously known to them attempted to obstruct them. The female violently attacked the Deputies who then tackled her to the ground.

While attempting to secure her. The female whistled to a dog who then violently attacked one the Deputies, attempting to bite a Deputy's throat. The Deputy discharged two shots at the animal. The female suspect then incited some homeless males to violently attack the Deputies and their back up that had arrived, with knives. After stabbing one Deputy, slashing the neck of another and attempting to stab a third. Both males were shot and killed on scene by Deputies.

The female suspect violently attacked another Deputy, bitting his neck and wrapping herself around him as the Deputies tried to get her under control. The Deputies issued a warning that she would be shot if she did not desist. She failed to comply. Two shots were fired resulting in an abdominal wound.

EMT's had already been called to the scene to assist with the young woman they were attempting to do a Welfare check on, more were summoned to help deal with all the injured. Deputies attempted to administer emergency aid until the EMT's were able to get to the female suspect.

The female suspect and one Deputy with the most serious injuries were transported to SRGH's trauma Dept, the remaining Deputies with less serious injures were treated at South Side Clinic.

The two homeless males were pronounced dead on site by the EMT's and the dog who was in critical condition was transferred to a local veterinary clinic, it is believed at the time of printing that the animal is alive.

The Deputies on scene were all wearing body cameras.

The Deputies involved in the shooting were all experienced and seasoned members of the department. No names are being released at this time.

The Deputies who fired shots were put under an Internal Affairs Investigation with SRV Court as per normal procedure in these situations and were on restricted duties, while the investigation took place. The Deputies have since been cleared of all wrong doing. No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department at this time.

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