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Meet and Greet: Surf Shop

This is the first of our series of community Meet and Greet Articles. Each one will be released the day before the business hosts a Meet and Greet Event, meaning the Surf Shop Meet and Greet is Saturday, March 21.

Today we spoke with Nanayea who runs the Surf Shop on Santa Ramona's southside. She normally goes by Naya. She was quick to point out that the shop is the only Surf Shop in town and boasts a surfboard that had an actual shark bite taken from it. IIt was given to the shop by the survivor. When asked how she got into the business Naya responded "I am a Surfer , and have a Passion for Scuba diving , and snorkeling , and sailing."

The Surf Shop is a new addition to Santa Ramona, filling a need for those who come to visit the incredible beaches. Naya's advice to citizens and tourists alike "Golden beaches, amazing views of the ocean, some great amenities, Surfs's Up, so grab a board and enjoy."

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