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SRV TV Studio: Coming Soon

Santa Ramona is gearing up for the arrival of it's own TV Studio network in the upcoming weeks. The new endeavor, the TV Studio is a private enterprise which saw individual investors from varying business backgrounds buying shares.

Mayor Dimitri Rousseau who has pledged to bring in investment and opportunity into the city of Santa Ramona had pushed the TV Studio Network as part of his platform and secured the private investments required to bring the TV Studio Network into existence as well as bringing on board one of Santa Ramona's most renowned talent.

Musician and actress Juliana Stone, an internationally renowned artist who resides in Santa Ramona, the city where her immediate family lives has publicly declared her own involvement and role in the new studio:

"I'm incredibly honored to be a part of this venture. Most people look at young women my age and don't think we have the capacity to handle such a daunting task as being a television executive. I'm here to prove them all wrong. I'm so very pleased to be working on this project and I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone may have. Our Walk of Fame will showcase some of Santa Ramona's most talented citizen. As will our station."

Mayor Rousseau also stated:

"This new venture will provide opportunity to all those involved in the arts an' media, an' those who work behind the scenes in the more technical aspect such as sound engineering, camera men and women, stylists an make up artists and so on. I am very pleased to see the project gatherin' steam an' almost nearing completion.

Location wise, the former Governor Stone's influence is evident as the site was well placed being opposite the Convention center, useful for red carpet events, as well as Hotel Cortez for international actors and directors an' others when they visit and it's proximity to the Salon where a lot of stylists and hairdressers will find it easy to commute on set.

It is also an honor to have former Governor Jay Stone's very own daughter, a famed artist, on board as a creative talent involved in producing content. I believe this will give the studio an edge in terms of appealin' to youthful demographic an' draws on the already vast personal professional experience Ms Juliana Stone has accumulated workin' an' collaborating in the music and acting industry. With her talent an' contacts, she will be a vital part of this new enterprise which is the first of it's kind in the city an' will enhance what we already have here---in terms of talented and creative people."

The Mayor went on to state that Ms Juliana Stone will kick off the grand opening of the studios when she receives her very own Star on the upcoming Walk of Fame which will be directly located outside of Santa Ramona TV Studios. "Ms Stone will receive her Star in honor of bein' Santa Ramona's most famous an beloved celebrity an' there will be a ribbon cuttin ceremony where the TV Studios will be officially opened an' celebrated as a part of the city. There will be a red carpet event following the Star/Walk of Fame ceremony with Santa Ramona's celebrities and citizens enjoying a glamorous and star studded party to celebrate. Look out for announcements closer to the time."