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Press Release: Upcoming Proposals

Mayor Dimitri Rousseau revealed his steps for taking the proposals he pitched during his campaign into actualizing them as real programs.

Walk In Welcomes:

[OOC: If you're interested, contact an admin to put your business on the Events calendar with a day and time suitable for you/your business and contact Chiara Villanova [bethann causten] for Chronicles interivew.]

"This will be a once a month event. The idea is that one local business a month hosts a Welcome meet and greet to host new and old citizen's and visitors alike at their establishment. This way business owners see activity, traffic and promote their services and products while civilians get to explore their city and socialize with others, even network with businesses.

The SRV Chronicles will provide exposure by interviewing local businesses who join and through that promotion of any local business who do enlist to host a Welcome Meet & Greet event at their place of business.

TV Studio Network:

"Santa Ramona's very own TV Studio network is coming to the city very soon. Not only will this provide economic benefit in setting up jobs for the local artistic community from actors and models and artists and musicians to stylists and make up artists, sound engineers, media types and camera men and women. It will be led by a board of TV Executives with one of them being a major celebrity, home grown. The location has been set, it's upcoming."

Sponsored City Wide Run:

"We will be looking at making these runs a weekend affair. Put on your runnin' shoes, grab your sunglasses and run a circuit of the city. This healthy and fit activity will also integrate both sectors of the city, with people meetin' up to run and enjoy company as they enjoy their city and a shared activity. This initiative will kick off in April."

Tourism: Hiking and Photography Group Activity [If you're interested in becoming an IC tour guide/ survival expert, leave your name and the Hiking/Photography by name as the proposal in reference on a notecard in the silver mailbox outside of the Mayor's office.] "Citizens who enjoy long walks and hiking will enjoy the group activity that will be led by one or two tour guides around our beautiful hillsides and coasts. This activity will throw different individuals together in a group and give a chance for photographers to shoot our stunning landscapes with a chance to enter these photographs in a contest while being displayed in a public exhibition in the City's convention center. The winner will receive camera equipment and gift vouchers to wine and dine in a restaurant or bar in the city. Camping weekends will also be held as a means of delivering different activities to the community, for the community."