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Mayor Rousseau's Inauguration Speech

"Let me start by saying, it's extremely relieving to know that former Governor Jay Stone out of harms way. This city has missed him an' his thoughtful an personable leadership. The current Governor is doin' a good job of keepin up to Mr Stone's high standard.

Former Mayor Chiara Villanova deserves some applause an' our thanks too, fa her good work an' leadership an I personally thank her fa her involvement in tha city an' community an' fa her support.

I would like ta thank my wife, Alexia an' my family, supporting me every step of tha way.

Ta all the former city councilmen and women, I enjoyed working wid y'all and I'm grateful fa that opportunity.

Ta all tha first responders that work ta keep this city safe day an' night, I thank you. Ta all tha city workers, I also thank you too.