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Mayor Rousseau's Inauguration Speech

"Let me start by saying, it's extremely relieving to know that former Governor Jay Stone out of harms way. This city has missed him an' his thoughtful an personable leadership. The current Governor is doin' a good job of keepin up to Mr Stone's high standard.

Former Mayor Chiara Villanova deserves some applause an' our thanks too, fa her good work an' leadership an I personally thank her fa her involvement in tha city an' community an' fa her support.

I would like ta thank my wife, Alexia an' my family, supporting me every step of tha way.

Ta all the former city councilmen and women, I enjoyed working wid y'all and I'm grateful fa that opportunity.

Ta all tha first responders that work ta keep this city safe day an' night, I thank you. Ta all tha city workers, I also thank you too.

Ta all our teachers, artists, business owners, clergy, activists an' workers an mo', ta all our residents, citizens, Santa Ramona is better fa having you all here. We are a great city, we a diverse city an' we a proud city. And there is plenty ta be proud about!

Santa Ramona is made up of every single one of you----whether you a cop, a baker, a cafe owner, an artist, actor or musician. We are Santa Ramona together!

An' together we have faced earthquakes, we have survived flooding, we have even faced contaminated waters an' even a rebuild of this great city. We are a tough community, we have fought ta get this city back on track. We have endured harsh circumstances an thrived even still.

An' it is that same tough spirit an will ta mold and change fa progress that will enable us ta face our challenges as a city an' improve ----together.

But we also care as a city. We care about one another---our first responders work diligently ta provide safety ta each citizen, provide medical aid, save lives, fight fires. We care about tha homeless, tha vulnerable. We protest fa they rights an we demand solutions ta difficult problems. We care about mental health, we care about our beaches, our beautiful natural surroundings, our coastlines an' waters. We care about one another.

We also love ta innovate here. We have seen proposals ranging on safety ta crime prevention ta entertainment an' transport ---an' better yet, they have been executed! We also have a pool of creative talent, our very own celebrities--movie an' TV stars, our local musicians, actors, models, fashion designers.

It is wid these qualities in mind that I look ta act on expandin' economic interests fa tha city in tha shape of a media project. Tha TV Studio Network, Santa Ramona's very own an' first TV network. This will provide jobs fa our creative community as well as those who are sound engineers, stylists, make up artists an camera men an women.

This network will broadcast what engages, stimulates and showcases this city. It has been invested in by our very own citizens!

I also look ta resolvin' tha homeless issue by applyin' fa Federal Grants ta assist wid a Public Housin' development. I also have full faith in tha South side clinic ta provide effective mental health care fa both sectors of tha city an they will see assistance from City Hall in terms of funding. Taxes will not increase---an' my rent cap program will ensure that landlords an' agencies cannot charge exorbitant rates. This will slow gentrification an' prevent sky high rental prices. An' local businesses will see tax cuts. Those who choose ta open an invest in Santa Ramona will enjoy our tax cuts fa businesses---an' those who buy properties will also enjoy tha same.

I an' those at City Hall will ensure that all of tha community have involvement in city wide regular, community bondin' an strengthenin activities. From Walk In Welcomes which also provide economic boosts ta local businesses, ta sponsored City Wide Run, Hikin' an Photography excursions that promote our beautiful nature an' get people together to socialize an' enjoy our city all in one.

As Mayor, I will promise ta always have my door open ta this city's residents an' visitors. I will be there ta lissen ta yo problems, ta hear out yo suggestions an' ta discuss issues that affect each an every one of you.

I will have a form submission box placed outside my office ta receive any suggestions an' ideas that any of you would like me as Mayor ta consider. I will promise ta do my best ta champion yo causes if they are tha best thing fa this city.

First responders can expect me ta also be receptive ta they issues an concerns. Bein' a first responder is my background an' I will be retaining my leadership over tha SRFD as this is a small city wid need. I will not be lettin' down my department an' I will continue ta serve this city in full capacity as Mayor an' SRFD Chief. This city has my service an commitment ta it as it always has.

Thank you all, I look forward ta gettin' started in my official capacity as yo Mayor of Santa Ramona. Our greatest days are yet ta come."