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Beach Bomb

After reports from a concerned citizen, Mayor Rousseau on behalf of the SRFD went to examine claims of an old torpedo head buried in the sand as well as a rotting shark carcass at the beach on South side, El Camino Street.

Upon verifying the woman's concerns, the Mayor told the SRFD to barricade the area and then requested help from the SRSD in putting further security measures in place. The SRSD promptly cordoned the area off and have placed law enforcement personnel on site to guard the area from disturbance until it is determined by bomb specialists whether or not the torpedo is defunct or not. "Things are secure an' the area been cordoned off an' security detail is in place there thanks ta SRSD and SRFD presence and efforts. We aim to bring Bomb Disposal in to remove the torpedo this weekend but for now we are requesting all civilians to stay away from the beach. I myself have been to the South side beach on El Camino a few times during the night with friends but this recent discovery has been brought about by, I assume, shifting sand dunes under the cold spell we endured recently. Please stay away from the site an do not disturb the armed security detail there. It is highly likely the torpedo is defunct but we are takin' steps to remove it an' I will also plan to kick off a cleaning up of the beach in a city wide initiative for those who would like to contribute to a worthy cause--- keeping our city's fine beaches safe and clean." The Mayor said.

"SRSD will be providing help to SRFD with crowd control and evacuation of the neighboring residences when it is time to remove the torpedo this weekend. The SRFD will be on site to assist bomb disposal experts and also be there in case any medical aid is needed. Bomb specialists have been called in an' things are in place so citizen's should not panic an' remain calm. Please avoid the area for now. Thank you." Mayor Rousseau added.