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[16:51] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) stood up at the front of the room, he hadn't done these debates before nor was he used to the bailiff not being present and saying gruffly, all rise, before he'd be given that respect before settling his gouty joints back into the seat. Waited and moved a fifty cent piece between his fingers. [16:52] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) pulled gently the tall doors of City Hall. Nodding to the NPC security and subjecting himself to a search. Mocing into the court room. Seeing noone there to his surprise. "Hello Sir. I am Manny Moore..Candidate." offering his hand to the shorter man. Along with a smile. [16:54] Alexia Rousseau (lydhia.shinn) walked in with Trey, greens sweeping the room and looking for a place to sit. She gave her husband a nod as she moved to take a seat in the first bench. Last time she’d been in this room it’d been for a very different reason. This reason was significantly better. [16:54] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): Entered the familiar court room which was going to hold the debate apparently and released Alex's hand from his. "Evenin' all." He greeted the Judge and Manny laconically, moving toward the podium and would look at the microphone, giving Alex a smirk as she nodded toward him. [16:57] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) making his way to the podium. He'd smile thinly to Dimitri. Offering him a hand out of respect. "Good luck." to him as he gave his hand a tap with his other. Shifting to his podium. Pulling his sleeves as he adjusted them. Nodding and smiling to those who came in. [16:57] Santa Ramona Valley Dice (add): : Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau rolled a 24 [16:58] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): Turned to shake Manny's hand without a smile, "Good luck." He murmured, he didn't like the man's style of operating but he wasn't mad about it either. He'd take a coin and flip it, catching a heads. [16:59] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): "Yes I have, thank you sir." He nodded to Gil. T Justice as the man explained the rules. [17:01] Santa Ramona Valley Dice (add): : Manny Moore rolled a 9 [17:01] Daniel Greene (ripcord.grayman) quietly takes a seat in the back of the room with easy access to the exit. Though the election had caught his attention, actually coming to watch was a spur of the moment decision he'd rather be free to walk out of. He doesn't recognize anyone in here, and that's just fine. [17:03] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) nods to Gil and flips a tails. Nodding to himself as he accepted that. Looking on as he waited. [17:08] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) would wait for the audience to file in before beginning. "The debates are a time for the voters to get to know the candidates views on important issues around the valley. This is a time for the citizens to see how their candidates react and act quickly on their feet in front of an audience. We do ask the audience to not give reactions, no clapping, booing, no questions will be answered by the candidates right now, except for those questions which are to be asked by me, the moderator of this debate. If you cause a disruption, you will be asked to leave, if you do not leave then you will be escorted out." he said sternly, Gil wasn't as kind or welcoming or patient as Mr. Stone. We will begin this debate starting by a coin toss won at first turn by Mr. Rousseau, Mr. Moore will have a chance to give a rebuttal and then we will move to the next question. This is a timed debate which will end at.." he pulled up his sleeve. "7:15. Gentleman, we will begin by giving the public an introduction to you and your [17:08] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor): campaign, starting with mr. Rousseau, followed by Mr. Moore, then we will get started on the topics. Mr. Rousseau, please start us off." [17:09] Ramona 'Razz' Langham (dondeestamigato) wandered into the room where the debates were happening after being told by the NPC guard at the door she was not allowed to continue with her lollipop. With a huff, she got rid of it, “Better be a good show then.” She grumbled as she went in, picking a random seat to take. What did she care who won? It wasn’t really her city yet. [17:09] Norma had a fresh bandage on her face, a bandage -which she hoped- would make a statement because the protest sign she had brought with her had to be left outside where the guard asked her to dispose of it if she was to enter the building where the debating area was taking place. She entered the court room in silence, a little in awe at the justice cogs that the court room was -where people like her were sentenced. She sat down, staring at Trey at the lecture stand with mixed emotions: she looked like a deer caught in the lights, and a snarling devil. She had to purse her lips to keep herself silent, specially after the justice had set the rules. [17:10] Jackson (randyalexander) presses his nose against the window and makes noseprint art, seeing all of the humans inside. He tilts his head, wondering how they could have a party without inviting the dog. Do they not realize that he's to be fed all of the scraps! [17:12] Chiara Villanova (bethann.causten) slipped in and joined Joe in an row. She was still smiling from seeing the doggy looking in the window. Security was still a breeze for her since she new all the guards by name. Of course she had been a good girl and left her weapon at home. She looked back and forth between the two, remembering her nerves being up there. It felt like lifetimes ago. [17:12] Alexia Rousseau (lydhia.shinn) had no idea Scotland had sat directly behind her or she might have been more nervous about the state of the back of her head. Once was plenty with Norma—granted, this time she didn’t have a bike. The blonde’s attention was up front and on the candidates instead as Gil laid out the rules. No whooping or booing and no disruptions. Surely everything would go swimmingly. Didn’t it always? [17:14] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): "My name is Dimitri Rousseau, I work as SRFD Chief and have been city alderman and City Manager for Santa Ramona. I also own a Construction company business an' supplies store. I live here with my family, as I have done fa years. I have a 100% approval rate over my proposals in city council, all of which were for the benefit of the city, some such as: A Contingency Plan and resources for the city and municipal departments where I worked to create a detailed plan an' map and list of resources for an emergency situation. As a city we have undergone earthquakes, flooding from Dam damage, fires. I also proposed successfully to repair tha Dam, requested and obtained Federal Grants of $50,000 fa Disaster Relief resources an' equipment. [17:14] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): I also would like ta boost local businesses wid my proposed Walk In Welcomes program, a program which would see local businesses voluntarily host a meet up that would welcome new an' old faces inta tha city, increasing their foot traffic an activity, showcasin they products an services an garnerin potential fa recruitment. This would also enhance community spirit, strengthenin it an introducin new faces ta old ones here. I would like ta introduce Rent Caps---a way ta reduce exploitative an exboritant rent prices an' I have an idea of where ta locate Public Housing, and would seek Federal Grant fundin fa such as I do believe in housin' fa tha poor an' vulnerable members of our community. As fa taxes---businesses can rest assured I would cut they taxes an' those who invest in a business or own properties here will not have ta pay higher taxes---along wid tha rest of tha city, but they will find they taxes reduced. Why? Because that is how a city can secure investment, employment and rent caps will keep high [17:14] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): pricing down an' on a moderate level. [17:17] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) nodding to Gil as he began his opening remarks. "My name is Manny Moore. Many of you dont know me as I am indeed a new arrival in our beautiful city. I am thrity two years old and early years were spent as a mechanic. I managed to save enough money to begin investing and ended up making a good fortune for myself and my family through those investments. I, wanted a new life, a new chapter if you will for myself. I decided to move to Santa Ramona." leaning against the podium now. "I now, want to serve others. Not myself any longer." Shifting back now. "I love our beautiful city. It has so much variety in what it offers. Though since my arrival, I have seen the peaceful community we love, begin to get a little npoisy. Crime has risen atl east since i came here. And the same struggles that are felt nationwide are felt here. Public housing, which I support, would be a priority in my administration and we would work on a zone in Southside to build one particular building. I am in this campaign to give others [17:17] Manny Moore (manny.ashland): a chance I had. To climb and build more for themselves. We can be a great robust city. And I hope i can convince you all of that vision tonight." ending his remarks as he turned to Gil. [17:20] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) "Thank you to both candidates for your introductions." he said pulling a card from his front pocket and squinting at the tiny writing of the secretary who'd prepared it for him. A rattling clearing of his throat and he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose before sniffing and starting with the question. "Gun violence has been a long standing problem in Santa Ramona Valley. As Mayor how will your address the crime and gun violence issue, what steps will you take to reduce these problems?" his beady eyes commenced to look at Trey as he was first, then manny could offer a rebuttal and his views. [17:20] Angelyna Russo (bittersting) ditched the car when it stalled out not far from city hall. She did a quick wipe down of the things she'd touched and left it on the sidewalk pretty much without harm, she was super nice after all. She came into the debate, looking at the two men up at the podiums and ready to hear what the hell they had to say about her home in Southside. She settled in the back, giving an upnod to anyone she knew or knew her. [17:23] Casey Addison (mrrickdeckard): a seemingly tipsy woman wanders in and takes the nearest seat. [17:24] Zoey Piers (anglenightwings) slipped into the back of the courtroom that the debate is at slurping a red slushy looking forwards. [17:25] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): He sniffed and squared his shoulders, looking out to Gil.T.Justice as he asked the question, then cast his gaze out toward the public. "I aim ta look at makin tha South side a livelier area, which tends in turn ta bring crime down---if you take fa example Times Square in Manhattan, it is because of increased activity, events, foot traffic that that has become a much safer area altogether. Foot traffic is importan' an' it increases eyes in tha streets----I would look at regular events bein' held in South side, quality events which will provide fun an entertainment fa tha community there an' fa tha city as a whole, ta integrate our communities together. Gun violence is an issue, I would say that we are anticipatin tha new po-leese department in South side openin up ta see if it helps but I would have an idea fa undercover buyers in po-leese in order ta crack down on illegal guns. This can be set up as long term investigative work, I have every faith in our SRSD an SRPD's ability. Work they can get they teeth [17:25] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): inta." [17:29] Norma glared at Trey as he spoke, trying to put him off his speech by distracting him, but the candidate had no heed for anything but his speech. She was disheartened that he would have so many nice things to say about himself and his work, and looked to the person sitting in front of her. Wasn't it the fallen girl? At least she seemed well, in one piece and all. She looked at the back of her head as she sat in front of Norma, trying to put together if this was indeed Trey's wife, looking alternatively between Trey and the back of Alexia's head until the other candidate started to speak to whom she smiled sweetly. She would continue to do so, glare at Trey when he spoke, and smile sweetly at Manny when his turn. [17:29] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) cups his fingers together as he begins his response. "Yes indeed, Gun violence has been a problem in our city. We both have experienced it just last night by the Boiler Room. It is a hard thing to go through for anybody. In recognizing the trauma it causes to others, we need to support our Sheriff's department. They deserve a Mayor's full confiendece and support in dealing with any crime on our streets. I would increase the amount of tools our Sheriff's department has to be able to stamp out both smuggled guns,. which is a reality in a state like ours that has strict gun control." pointing his finger to the ceiling. "And I would make getting a gun harder in our city. Banning anyway type of gun show or gun shop to open in the valley." nodding as he limited his answer for now. [17:30] Manny Moore (manny.ashland): *confidence [17:30] Jackson (randyalexander) licks the window from the outside, trying to clean his nose print marks. [17:32] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) his gout was starting to pain him so he waddled behind the desk and took a seat, he frowned seeing no gavel he could clack should things get out of order and would instead give them both a nod once he sat slowly, knees cracking in places they shouldn't crack before he settled. "Your rebuttal starting with Mr. Rousseau. Candidates, you may opt not to give a rebuttal, simply say so and we will move on." [17:33] Zoey Piers (anglenightwings) liked the sound of undercover police officers but in her eyes the Sheriff department can't find who shot the governor. Zoey didn't think more foot traffic would help but make more targets, slurps her drink more. [17:34] Allie Brentt (allestria.slade) walked in and stood off to the side. Just listening for now. She was late but had an appointment she had to tend to. [17:35] Chiara Villanova (bethann.causten) was biting her lip as the two candidates gave responses to the gun violence question. If this was how the evening was going to go she was going to need an ice compress before it was over. [17:35] Angelyna Russo (bittersting) came in with a mind to not like either candidate. She knew Trey, punched his wife once.. even if she got it back from her, but she also used to work with the pair and had no issues with them then. Now, the other guy, she didn't know shit about. He didn't know shit about this city and that made her real interested. She listened to Trey, not hating his ideas about the gun violence but when undercover buyers and guns came up, she tilted her head and gave him a sour look. Then again, she was used to that bullshit. And then that prick mother fucker opened his mouth. Angel sat up, "The hell you would!" she said loudly, being that she was the gun shop owner here. [17:38] Daniel Greene (ripcord.grayman) slowly and silently shuts his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose when the woman sitting next to him starts shouting at the man on stage. [17:39] Zoey Piers (anglenightwings) blinks Hearing no gun shops which would stop licensed gun owners from buying guns"2nd amendment look it up"slurps her drink loudly. [17:39] Alexia Rousseau (lydhia.shinn) heard the shout from behind her and she glanced over her shoulder to see who’d done it, spotting Angel. Well, of course it was Angel. But at least she was bitching about something Manny said and not Trey. Greens moved to Norma then, seeing her in her peripheral and giving her a scowl before she turned back around. [17:40] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): Didn't seem put off by the Scottish woman who had run over his wife while caught on video surveillance. He cleared his throat, "Mr Moore has commented publicly aginst tha SRSD, claiming that they have, in his own words, no leadership there, that crime is a problem an' that they need a mo' effective po-leese force. But he does seem ta go back an forth a lot an I would say I have offered a concrete goal that may actually be within SRSD an SRPD means. Mr Moore says he'll increase tools, actually, bein' on tha council I know that tha highes' funded municipal departmen' is our SRSD an soon ta be SRPD. I would argue that it's not just tools but techniques. It takes mo' strategy an long term plannin' ta eliminate problems such as crime than 'tools'. A tool can be a weapon or an asset---but it really depends on tha individual an' good trainin', clear goals an' strategic practices make fa crime reduction in a coherent an' effective manner in my view. Y'all have tha legal rights ta own guns---we jus' have ta go after [17:40] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): those who shouldn't be entitled ta that right." [17:40] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) would snap his beady eyes to Angelyna, "This debate requires NO disruptions miss, one more and you will be escorted out as I have clearly stated." his voice boomed from his bent figure sitting at the moderator's desk and he glared in her direction. Giving a wave to one of the guards and pointing to Angel before mouthing 'watch her' he wasn't putting up with any of it. Hearing Trey's rebuttal he gives him a nod then looks to Manny to see what he would say back to him. [17:45] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) began to open his mouth only to clamp it shut as a woman began to shout in his direction and at his statement. Giving her a look briefly before turning to Trey. "Mr. Rousseau mentioned Times Square as an example. I am fron New York and I must say his picture of Times Square doesnt solve the problem. There are still guns in Times Sq, everyday. Its just not reported and there anre many incidents in Times square, everyday, again not reported, also times Square has a police precint rought in the center of it. Monitering an area of just under a mile. If we want our residents in Southside to be watched by police twenty four seven then we have a potential problem with the constitution. And if I may, Mr. Rousseau, What I meant by that was there is no civilian leadership at the moment. No Mayor, no Governor who I must say I pray everyday for his recovery and his family to get through this difficult time, but no. I did not mean those remarks in that way. And lastly if I may. Do we have a City Council?" pausing as [17:45] Manny Moore (manny.ashland): he allowed for answers himself. "I have yet to be invited or notified of one since my arrival here. And its over a month." [17:45] Manny Moore (manny.ashland): (ugh, typing lag) [17:47] Angelyna Russo (bittersting) hadn't shouted but spoke loudly all the same. She narrowed her eyes at her target, the man that was looking to run her out of business and that didn't settle well with her at all. She fought the urge to poke her tongue out at the fat, liverspotted judge who had sent her man away more times than she could count. She settled back in her seat and glared, but more at Manny now. She rolled her eyes at his rebuttal, even she knew about City Council, there and gone now. She sighed out, about all she could do so as a concerned business owner she wasn't thrown out without a voice. [17:49] Norma pulled her tongue out at Alexia after having seen the greens of her eyes when she turned to look at the woman who shouted at the back, but it was likely that Alexia would have missed her childish gesture by having already turned her eyes to the front, so Norma directed her pulled out tongue at Trey. It gave her a great satisfaction to pull her tongue out at Trey, and grinned while she pulled down the hem of her short skirt to dissipate her anger before turning at the woman at the back who had shouted out. This brought a huge smile on Norma's face, and she turned to Angelyna with a big smile to encourage her. Even though both candidates were saying very interesting things, these were not the focus of her attention. [17:49] Chiara Villanova (bethann.causten) was having a hard time not laughing out loud. City Council had been dissolved by the state. The Mayor's office had NEVER had any control over the Sheriff's Department as a result of previous mayor's...quirks. Yes the Governor was out of commission currently but the Lt Governor was handling things just fine even if he wasn't as easily spotted as Jay had been. [17:50] Azariah Brentt (uaay) walked in after going back to SD and collecting his firearm from James. He was cleared and back to work. He hovers at the back listening to the debates. Anything that got guns off the streets was good as far as he was concerned, but how were those ideas any better than he ones he had suggested and had his life threatened over?, it all boiled down to the same thing, more control on who had access to guns. But when one of those people out there on the streets risking his life every day to bring this under control had made proposals two of them to put more to do something about it in the hands of the people whos job it was..together, not only were they rejected he had recieved death threats over it. Had no idea what Zoey was thinking but it had been just over two weeks and they were following every lead they had. [17:50] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) he was still eying Angel, ready for her to throw something else out so he could throw her out but she didn't and only glared in his direction. He seemed satisfied by that and turned back to the candidates. Grumbling to himself lowly as he lifted the notecard with the tiny writing again and squints, making a silent note to speak to his secretary about writing in at least five point font, not in cursive, and make an eye appointment to get his bifocals checked to make sure he's got the right prescription. "Thank you, on to our next question. Community togetherness is one important aspect of taking up the responsibilities of Mayor. Should you be elected what will you do, with specifics, to increase morale across the citizenry and encourage a spirit of a good community to both sides of our county?" [17:55] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): Smirked at Manny's response. He nodded, "We have an SRPD in South side or are you not familiar wid it?" He said, "If you are talkin crime an incidents, it is a sharp contras' from how Times Square was---ta now. That's all. You don't have ta be a genius ta understan' there will always be crime an inciden's which is why po-leese are there. In fact, you migh' argue it is one positive contribution ta tha crime reduction there-- a po-leese presence. Or are you arguin fa removal of po-leese from our streets? That don't make much sense. An as far as yo comments---you were quoted directly in our newspapers claimin that tha SRSD has no leadership, that a mo' effective po-leese force is required." He shrugged. "It's in tha paper. There has been a city council---I was on it, I served as City Alderman an Manager. You were here but a week befo' elections. It mus' be hard playin catch up, I know." He said, looking toward Norma with a quirk of his brow but he'd look to Alex and smile briefly at her. He looked toward [17:55] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): Gil.T.Justice and listened. "Well, I have proposals that will not only enhance community spirit an' wellness but increase foot traffic fa local businesses, thereby boostin they economies. Local businesses, in my proposal, would host Walk In Welcomes, a regular monthly event which would see tha city businesses welcomin new faces ta tha city or givin old ones a chance ta meet together an' enjoy complimentary drinks, food while gettin a chance ta explore that business services an' products. It offers up a chance fa business networkin an socializin. I would also propose a regular Jogging circuit----a map would provide a regular runnin' route fa thsoe wishin ta join a City Wide Run, which would throw people together from South side an North, people who like ta run, meetin others who do too, runnin in a group, so in numbers around tha city. This would increase foot traffic in South side an eyes there, activity also. An foster some new relationships, provide a city wide activity an increase health among our [17:55] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): members, while givin a group there fa people ta join an socialize in." [17:56] Jordan Russo (jordanhughes) observed quietly eating his cake. Yes, he took the entire top tier of the wedding cake and a fork judging it to be about one serving (it wasn't). He wondered how many crimes were committed with licensed guns. From what he saw as DA most crimes were committed by repeat offenders with no legal right to be armed. So surprise surprise, people who weren't concerned about obeying any other law, weren't concerned about obeying gun laws. Only law abiding people disarmed when told to, so stricter gun laws only took weapons out the hands of future victims, not criminals. [17:56] Serina Styles (nicethinshadow) walks inside the hall silently sitting next to her husband and giving him a smile. After she takes her place she winks at Chi and turns her head towards both candidates giving a cold glance, clearly not trusting them both and whispers on her side. "I am pretty sure this time I;ll just leave it blank." She folds her arms willing at least to hear what they were going to say. [18:01] Zoey Piers (anglenightwings) the state dug into the Vally changing things from the rebuild till now. Gun violence was worse in bigger cities but its a problem in The US as a whole. [18:03] Manny Moore (manny.ashland): "As Mayor. I would start by simply enacting a culture of good spiritedness from the top. Many communities across the valley and the country feel like the other has it in for them. I am here to say we all want the same things for ourselves and our kids. A chance to grow and thrive." Shifting some in his stance. "I would schedule monthly events sponsored by the city of Santa Ramona that bring culture and of course entertainment to our streets. ALso, I would actually appeal to the public and hear their concerns. Something Mr. Rousseau has yet to do for himself throughout this campaign by not even holding a rally...maybe I am wrong." turning to him briefly. "But, we need a Mayor who is not afraid to speak to his people. I am here to listen and be spoken to. I am at your service...that should be every Mayor's creed to their people. " nodding with a smile toward those assembled. [18:06] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) he gave a tepid smile to both of them, he wouldn't be participating in any runs nor really coming to the valley from his home right next to the golf course unless he had to commute for work, "Your rebuttals, candidates?" he asked pulling his elbows up on the desk and resting them there as he listened. His gaze still did stray to the audience to make sure he didn't hear any disruptions, keeping a tight rein on the audience this time as he had heard before the debates had got too out of hand for his tastes before. [18:06] Angelyna Russo (bittersting) shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she started to wonder if the unknown man knew anything about the city he wanted to lead. She was quiet through Trey's talk of business leaders meeting up and some junk about a running club. Only people running in Southside, was those running away from the 'poh-leese'. She listened to Manny, wondering if he even knew one thing about the difficulties between southside and northside, because enacting a culture of goodspiritedness worked so well before. She rolled her eyes, thinking he didn't even know the people, he certainly wasn't at her service, wanting to shut her down. But couldn't speak and just sunk down in her seat more, fists clenching with annoyance at it all. [18:08] Alexia Rousseau (lydhia.shinn) held back from smirking when Manny asked Trey about getting public opinion. She didn’t comment, knowing better than to open her mouth, but she could guess Trey would most certainly handle that return just fine. Her eyes moved back to her husband and she leaned back in her seat, moving one leg over the other. [18:11] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): Shot Manny an amused look. "I held a rally tha las' time I was campaignin. I had a family emergency an didn't have tha chance ta hold one this time but I did interviews an have been canvasin publicly. I know most of this city---an they know me. A lot of people need ta be introduced ta you---Mr Moore. Yo sister Willow Moore might not need introducin tho'." He cleared his throat, "I had stated in my interviews an talks ta people, I have ideas born from bein' here, livin' here, workin' here as a fellow citizen. Mr Moore can't even tell you where that shoot out was really at----it was in tha Coastal Warehouse, Rookery Avenue yet he called it at tha Boiler Room Shoot out, I know cuz I was there, providin EMS on site. A man who doesn't know yo city, shouldn't be allowed ta run it. He wants ta put public events an cultural events together but he doesn't tell you what he would actually, exactly do. It's all vague talk, snatched off others. He backs Brother Langham's campaign fa public housin' but never even sat [18:11] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): down wid tha man, as Brother Langham told me in our conversation together. I have outlined specific an real ideas which can easily be implemented---they aren't vague fluff talk ta get myseff elected. I actually want ta help local business, community an' this city." He glanced toward Angel and Alex but turned his gaze back toward Gil.T.Justice. [18:17] Serina Styles (nicethinshadow) listens to Dimitri rebuttal just raising a brow before to close her eyes massaging her eyelids. She sighs slowly before simply shake her head in discomfort as her foot slightly taps a few times on the floor muttering by herself. "They know.. who?" She lowers her head zoning out a little. [18:18] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) waited for Dimitri to finish his rebuttal and added his own. "this man." now pointing to him combatively. "Loves to paint women in a negative light. First that poor woman he assaulted at the Black Thorn." inhaling deeply to continue, and now going after my beloved sister which I am not sure about your family Mr. Rousseau, but I am sure are not all saints themselves. Second." pointing to his finger up now. "I said next to boiler room. I could read much of where it was because we had another surprise shooting in this city." shaking his head before glancing at the audience and then to Gil T. [18:19] Joseph Styles (joec31) listens to a lot of Trey's statements. Passing things through a council that doesn't exist any longer, and that he was only one part of. He talked about canvasing the city, guess putting up posters anywhere he wanted was considered canvasing. [18:21] Alexia Rousseau (lydhia.shinn) raised a brow when Manny actually said something about Trey’s family—yeah, that was her. “Excuse you, Mr. Moore.” She said aloud and considering she was on the front row, she’d be hard not hear. “Learn mo’ facts befo’ you start throwin’ around gossip. Nobody needs a mayor that doesn’t know end to end, but fills in his assumptions in the middle.” Yeah, she was going to get in trouble. Oh well. [18:22] Norma had her attention at the running together around that Trey proposed and sparked her imagination in a different direction: perhaps they could have a cycling around with push bikes instead, a far better idea than her camel-toe show at the Alley Cats. She was musing to herself at her projects, including the camel-toe show at the Alley Cats with belly dancers before she looked at Jordan next to her, to greet him, but he was busy eating cake.She turned her head fast at Manny's talk of the woman Trey had assaulted at the Black Thorn, all attention to the words in the debate now, and she straightened up in her seat with full focus on them too at the podiums, and at the woman -Alexia- in front to who she shushed with a, "Shhhh" [18:23] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) bobbed his head to Trey, now was the time the candidates could hash out their differences before a live audience. The camera to their left recording every word and the audience could take it as they would. Now was their time to either shine, or crash and burn before them. "Mrs. Rousseau, do not cause a disruption! I have already warned another audience member I would see they would be escorted with another." remembering her from that trial which lasted awhile, she was now firmly ingrained in his memory. He cleared his throat as things got accusatory and he'd quickly move on, "Our next question candidates.." there was the same song and dance with the tiny handwriting on the single notecard, and he'd flip it over to read it out. "Santa Ramona Valley is known as a bastion of opportunity for business owners of much loved enterprises and self starter businesses. How will you encourage business owners to not only open new businesses but keep their businesses running to strengthen commerce?" [18:24] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) blurted out right before Gil began to speka again. He directed it toward Alexia. "And what makes your family so special there Miss.?" stopping there before canting his head to GIl T. [18:25] Angelyna Russo (bittersting) sucked at her teeth LOUDLY, but said nothing. Boiiler room could take quite a hit if people thought a shoot out happened there, but the guy didn't even know? Why not say the name of the place instead of pinning it on the Boiler Room... She shot her dark eyes to Alexia when she spoke up, giving the judge a look, waiting for her to be warned because hell, was it just the brown looking, gun shop owners that get shit? But then he did say something so she'd have to find something more to be mad about. Then the next question and she gave a big old smirk, knew how Manny Mo would do her business.. he'd shut it down. Dark brows lifted up though when he asked the woman about her family, aww shit, maybe Alexia would get hit by Manny Mo, she crept up to the edge of her seat. [18:25] Joseph Styles (joec31) listens to Alexia's outburst and just laughs to himself as she can't control herself, and reflects badly on her husband [18:27] Alexia Rousseau (lydhia.shinn) turned around to Norma when she got shushed, “Shush me ‘gain an’ I will play the video of you assaultin’ me on the big screen so everyone can see what a load of crock shit it is to think you’re innocent of anythin’, darlin’.” But as Gil was the one to warn her by name, she turned back around and put her hands up in the surrender gesture, until Manny asked her a question directly. She raised her brow, “Never said we was special. There you go assuming again.” And she’d shut up. [18:28] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): Had a look out toward the crowd, he could see quite a few in the Russo-Moore camp, including the Styles, as it appeared. He was surprised to see Serina out and about since it was so rare but it was a welcome sight to see her, he had after all gotten her involved in the FD with her chef skills and it might have been her first job not to mention the article he'd done with her being given exposure along with her band interview he'd arranged. He knew Joe had been hanging around Manny though so he did figure they supported him. There was the TV studio network proposal Joeseph Styles was still into as far as he deemed it but he guessed Manny must have done a lot of canvasing for them to be supporting Manny but hell, they should be all about Manny. "I love ta paint women in negative light?" He looked amused, he heard his wife speaking out and nodded toward her. "If I was charged wid a crime, I wouldn't be runnin, or able ta. You do tha math." He said, "I'm innocent of tha accusations levelled aginst me. But 'less [18:28] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): talk about charges. I'm sorry yo sister was charged wid arsony an larceny---it ain my fault she a criminal, not that it yo fault either." He nodded. "You said at tha Boiler Room, but eh, we'll let it pass." He watched Manny burst forth at his wife and smirked, he was getting hot under the collar alright. "Well, I will promote local businesses thru' my proposed plans, I will also have tax cuts fa local businesses ta encourage investment inta tha city. I have a proposal fa a new city wide enterprise which draws on our local resource---our artistic community, our talented artists an musicians, writers an actors, models, reporters." He said, "That will boost local economy as a whole. New businesses will be encouraged ta invest here, our local resources can flourish in a new media project, an' Walk In Welcomes will strengthen local commerce providin exposure ta new an' old faces in tha city." [18:31] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) he reached for a non existent gavel and instead gave a clatter of his hand across the desk. "One more word and you're getting escorted out! Save it for afterwards when it's not on my time." as the banter continued back and forth. He shook his head, his double chin wagging back and forth loosely then would turn to listen to Trey as he began to speak. Giving an exhale through widened nostrils and lips pinched together tightly. [18:33] Norma saw Alexia turn around. Was she really talking to her? Oh, she was! Norma retorted to her talk about showing the film on a big screen, so she could be heard in all of the court room, "Come on then. You do that!", and glanced at Gil Justice pointing at Alexia to mean will-you-look-at-that whilst the green-eyed blonde, Alexia, continued to make a remark at Manny, but all she got was a second warning. "Hey, that be two strikes, mister Justice. She out!", she said to Justice Gil about Alexia. [18:34] Serina Styles (nicethinshadow) raises her head meeting Dimitri's eyes for a moment. Not a smile, not a friendly glance. Just a plain cold quiet meeting of her eyes before she rolls them. Finding her contract not running anymore and not a single call from someone that she thought was a friend changed pretty much her own opinion on the man. Leaning her elbows on her leg she lowers her shoulders a little, keeping herself quietly listening the rest of the debate. [18:37] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) composed himself some as talk about his family got him as any brother or male member in one would, riled up. He was simply defending his sister. Nonetheless. Placing both hands on the podium now. He began his pitch. "Our small business are as we know essential to our community and provide opportunities for all of us. I would invest, through subsidies and grants in our businesses. We need more high tech businesses in our city. We are as we know, in Southern California. Our state as whole is known for its high tech. I will issue grants for any business that seeks to improve itself through high tech and with time that would create a more cohesive economy in our city." [18:38] Alexia Rousseau (lydhia.shinn) pursed her lips together to keep from telling Norma that it was three strikes and you were out—did they not have baseball in Scotland? Even she knew that and she couldn’t play sports to save her life. Gil warned her again, but she was being good now, leaning back and looking at Trey… because if she looked at Manny, she might not hold her tongue. [18:39] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) "Miss, I am the moderator of this Debate, I will choose when to throw someone out or if I want to give them another chance, and you're now down one too." he said to her curtly before turning back to the candidates. "Your rebuttals candidates?" [18:41] Sarina Jade Ramirez (madison.munro) nodded to her deputy at the door. She had her badge on her jacket which was her new uniform while she was pregnant and couldn't wear the regular uniform. She walked into the court room and moved to stand by the door. She didn't usually sit down in these things though being six months pregnant she was thinking she should change that. She let her vivid green eyes scan the room, taking in everyone who was present. As usual, the mayor debates had a very good turn out. She was glad to hear that Justice was enforcing the rules about disruptions. It would ensure the debate stayed civil, or as civil as it could get in SRV. [18:42] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): Always liked to make effort but when none went recipriocated none was returned, he of course liked it when people made some back because who didn't? He could see a few of the people in the audience that he had made efforts with and gave Serina a calm look before turning it away. A notice at the FD had gone out for those not active that they would not be employed there, which was standard par for the course. You didn't turn up, don't expect to work there for long. He would do the same for his own wife. He listened to Manny. "I wonder where these grants be comin from fa high tech investment." He said, "You a financier, you willin' ta donate yo money away eh?" He asked, "Jus' tryin ta determine financially how you gone balance this city's budgets an books?" He asked Manny. "On tha other hand, I think investmen' in all shape an form welcome, so if you deduct taxes on businesses here, they will come. Investment in a business, in ownin properties here will increase if there less tax---but I also plan ta have a [18:42] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): rent cap in place ta offset landlords who get too greedy. Investment is a good thing--it can be encouraged via actual effort an initiatives---such as tha Walk In Welcomes, people will get ta know tha city well, it's businesses well, tha services they provide, tha products they dispense---an' enjoy meetin an networkin wid others. That's a solid proposal---that's an actual plan that can happen." [18:46] Norma pursed her lips at Justice Gil's warning, and set her eyes firmly on the candidates. A look of diffidence and scepticism when Trey talked, and all smiles and nods at Manny's. [18:46] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) thinned his lip at the tax argument. He'd hear Dimitri out and respond. "You can cut my taxes to zero it still doesnt give me demand. To get demand...this is basic economics. To create demand you need a stable footing yourself financially to be able to build and or create a service that people will enjoy and take part in. In doing so, grants will come from my will partial funding for the public housing in Southside. But we create demand by ensuring a safe neighborhood for those businesses to thrive in and an easy to access infrastructure. [18:46] Manny Moore (manny.ashland): " [18:47] Serina Styles (nicethinshadow) stretches a little leaning back on hears sits and yawn slowly before to give a good look at her own fingernails just checking if they were in a good shape. After all she was pretty much not interested in both candidates. [18:48] Angelyna Russo (bittersting) tilted her head pretty carefully, she used high tech in her shop, but she was still in danger of being shut down by this guy. She heard a lot of talk about money, and wondered if things were put in place by someone's on pocket.. what happened to the citizens that depended on it when they left office? She of course couldn't ask these things because mean old Gil over there at the table probably farting and thinking about his next fiber pill. [18:48] Azariah Brentt (uaay) was just listening to everything shaking his head now and then, he was waiting for open questions, if they ever came up. If not then he would keep quite, as normal. Nods to Sarina when she comes in. [18:51] Allie Brentt (allestria.slade) leans on the wall and doesn't ay much. Once in a while looks at her husband. [18:52] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): "I guess you ain really business savvy Mr Moore. Amazon, Microsoft, Google---they all enjoy tax deductions. They look fa cities that they gone get low taxation on. An that's how you create investmen'----enticin businesses wid money ta set up, save money, establish business an' create employment here." He said, with a slightly incredulous look at Manny. "You want ta finance high tech here wid yo own money? Lord, you mus' be loaded, 'scuse me fa sayin. An if, as you yoseff stated---think there needs ta be mo' effective policin an don't believe in yo own words, that tha SRSD has leadership, you puttin tha horse befo' tha cart. An you also claim you gone fund Public Housin' from yo own pockets? So basically, this city gone be bank rolled by tha bank of Manny Moore. Well, I'm impressed." He said, with amusement, he threw Serina another glance, it was odd she seemed disinterested---why anyone would come to a debate if they weren't really interested in what was going on seemed odd. He looked toward his wife [18:52] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): though and gave her a slight wink and then at the others. He enjoyed seeing things happen but perhaps there were a few who didn't out here. [18:52] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor) "Fine debate candidates, you are welcome to make any closing remarks you wish since we have some time. For our audience members, after the debates the mayoral candidates may offer time to answer any questions you may have if they choose, however it will not be moderated and the candidates may pick and choose whos questions they answer. Mayors will be required to host town halls at least once monthly so bear that in mind, common issues which you will need to discuss with them will have time to be opened on a public forum. This is an opportunity to meet your candidates face to face and I request you keep it civil, otherwise our members of law enforcement will have you removed for disturbing a peaceful gathering. The polls open tomorrow, here in city hall upstairs on the 2nd floor in the conference room, voting will take about two days, you may also cast an absentee ballot should you not be able to make it. Polls will close on 3/2 at 9 am, and your new mayor will be announced at 12 PM on 3/2. Gentlemen, [18:52] Gil T. Justice (havenguvnor): please the floor is yours." he'd wait for the closing remarks before he of course would waddle away, notw anting to be part of any open forum which could get ugly. [18:54] Joseph Styles (joec31): wait, the 2 day voting starts tomorrow and ends the next day at 9am? by 2 day voting does tha tmean it takes place during 2 days as opposed to actually being 2 full days of voting? [18:55] Serina Styles (nicethinshadow) smiled at her husband, the only reason why she was basically there. [18:59] Dimitri 'Trey' Rousseau (joubert015): "I would like ta close wid tha followin statement: I have been a part of this city fa years, I have enjoyed livin' here. I have reached out ta mos' of you in one way or another, I know this city. I love this city---I have plan fa it, actual, real ideas that would enhance it I believe, I also am very much interested in hearin from this city too. If tha city wishes ta choose somebody wid a record track fa actually attemptin an doing things than I would be yo candidate. If you prefer ta give this office ta somebody who arrived a week befo' election campaigns, who's goals an' platforms are vague an personally financed or so it seems, yo vote won't lie wid me. I'm grateful ta have this chance of runnin' an I thank y'all fa yo time." He said, he had done his best, it was all he could do and if the city voted elsewhere, he'd enjoy witnessing what might even happen---if anything did. [19:04] Zoey Piers (anglenightwings) got to her feet tired of sitting and looked out the window watching a squirrel run in circles [19:04] Manny Moore (manny.ashland) Straightened his posture some as he began to look out into the assembled crowd again. "We..have a choice in this election. A man who has clearly laid out plans from a council that doesnt exist..or myself who is willing to spend his own funds. To build more for a city hes come to love." pausing as he let that sink in a few seconds. "I am new yes, but I am not a bad person folks..I dont beat people openly, or at all for that matter." chuckling some as he was in disbelief someone like that was standing next to him. "I communicate with people folks. I have done so my whole short life I admit." chuckling again. "The key to leading a city is communication and openess and being forthright." reaching into his front pocket he'd pull his phone and swipe his homescreen open. And hold up his screen to the crowd as if he were Steve Jobs. "We need openesss, not lies and dangerous men like him in our city. Pressing play he would up the volume to the highest it can go as the video began to play for everyone to see. (Video was halted at couple of minutes in and broadcast ends)