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Officer Down

Joseph Archie Calle

Joseph was born in Olympa, Washington on 22nd May 1991 to his parents Sergent Archie and Sally Calle. His father was an officer of the law and set a good example for his son. His mother was a home maker and mother. Joe was raised and went to college and worked hard got good grades proving he could do better. In his sophomore year his parents died during a mugging. They man who did it was caught months later. This made Joe angry and wanted to help. Changing from his music career to the police force.

Joe moved to Santa Ramona Valley in 2017 with at his time girlfriend and shortly after joined the then Police Department. When Joe and his girl split up Joe threw himself into his job. Joe was a hard working dedicated member of the Dept ever since. Joe had a very gentle easy going nature and he very rarely raised his voice.

As far as anyone could recall, Joe has hardly ever had much money to his name but we all agreed that if he was flush and you was in trouble he was happy to share it with you. He will be remembered among other things... for his honesty.... his integrity... his compassion... and far and above all else... for his undying love for his job. A flame that burned so brightly was extinguished without so much as a flicker and all we have left is the memory of how brightly it burned.

Like most Deputies, Joe didn’t want people to worry about him. If his anyone asked him what had happened at work the night before, he’d say, “absolutely nothing. I just sat in the car.” But the reality was very different. Joe was an extremely active Deputy.

Joe died a hero on duty, doing what he loved, protecting others on Feb 12th. He will be cremated and there will be a Memorial Service will be held on Mar 1st at 3pm, after which his ashes will taken to his family in Olympia, WA.

Where do we get Deputies like Joe? We should thank God for them every day. Surely, the same God who tests our faith is also responsible for putting men like Joe among us. The Sheriff's department and the entire city were blessed every day he was with us. His example of compassion, bravery, and devotion will never be forgotten. May God bless Deputy Joseph Calle. May God bless his family and friends. And may God bless and protect his fellow Deputies.