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Big Changes In Santa Ramona Valley and California Politics

Santa Ramona Valley has always been a hotbed of political intrigue. Often garnering attention for the antics of the Mayor instead of the good work for the city. From controversial Mayors like Frank Castle and Carly Brucato, to the effective leaders like Chiara Villanova, Santa Ramona has had its share of ups and downs. Governor Julian Stone has also been a steadfast beacon of solidarity and sound mind as he presided over a full city council through every mayoral run. However, that is all due to change.

As the city embarks upon a Mayoral race yet again, more changes have been placed on the city. City Council has been dissolved, for one. After seeing much debate and few proposals meeting their fruition, the decision was made to no longer bring forth the City Council. A state run board will accept the proposals and decisions will be made more efficiently through their office. The Mayor’s placement as head of that body has been removed, though the Mayor is still able to send proposals to the board for decisions, there will be no say given to them. I spoke to Lt. Governor Moe Lester regarding these changes. “It was determined to allow a faster process to have the people heard in their proposals. The City Council was effective in sorting out the legal and functional properties, however the length of time between meetings of many busy people became problematic. That was the driving force behind the decision.” He explained on a phone call with me. I asked how that affects the Mayor’s powers moving forward. “The Mayor is still the Mayor, they are in a place of being the ear of our citizenry, a person that can help proposals become real change, though more in the act of bringing those proposals to the ((npc)) Board and less in leading the city council meetings that never had the time to see to all the needs of the citizens. The Mayor is a prominent figure for the people, a conduit to the change they wish to see.”

As we talk about politics and elections, I did have the opportunity to ask the Lt. Governor about any other elections on the horizon, “There are no other elections on the horizon outside of the Mayoral race.” Confirming the suspicions many have had that there will not be a Sheriff election to the appointed sheriff, Sarina Jade Ramirez.

The most steadfast person we’ve had in our political landscape has been Governor Julian Stone, his leadership and direction has done well by Santa Ramona Valley and California as a whole. Recently the governor was injured in what may have been an attempt on his life. We asked Lt. Governor Lester if he had any updates to the condition of our Governor. “Governor Stone’s brain swelling has started to go down, though he remains in a coma with little other change at this time. It is to note that he has missed his bid for re-election due to these events and the unknown nature of his future excludes him from the candidacy. We appreciate all the dedication and work Governor Stone has accomplished for us and wish him the greatest of luck in his future endeavors.” A new mayor and a new Governor on the horizon for Santa Ramona Valley will certainly bring about changes to the beach side community.