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Meet the candidate: Manny Moore

Manny Moore is an ambitious man who doesn’t hang back. He has been in Santa Ramona Valley for little more than a month and already he is running for Mayor. He gave an interview about his motives and plans to the Santa Ramona Chronicles. His ambition, he says, is to serve others. He was previously a financier in New York, which is where he made his money, but he found it all too self-serving. So, at the age of 32, he came to Santa Ramona to begin a new life serving others. He was moved to stand for Mayor because he immediately saw the city’s needs and the improvements that could be made. The example he gave of this was Public Housing. He backs the campaign led to Brother Langham, of the Santa Ramona Mission, for this and he was present at the rally held last week. He promises to enact this if he becomes Mayor. The other problem, as he sees it, is crime. Everyone, he says, deserves to live and work in a safe city. But while he is definite about the problems Santa Ramona faces, he seems less definite about what he plans to do about it. On Public Housing, for example, while he is prepared to contribute some of his own wealth to begin construction of a housing project, he recognizes that there are space restrictions on Southside. He does not have a plan to deal with this as yet, but promises to look at options once he is in City Hall. And while he says the Santa Ramona needs a more effective police force, he went on to say he had full confidence in the Sheriff’s Department, which he thinks is more than capable of providing for Santa Ramona’s citizens. His solution to the crime wave is more funding for the SRSD. Once again, he is willing to provide some of this, though he thinks those on the Northside provide enough for a well-funded SD. Among other things, the extra funding could provide a text 911 service, which would enable a call to be discreet and prevent further harm. He also says that no one is currently in charge of the Sheriff’s Department, especially with the governor in hospital, and it needs to be empowered by leadership. Manny Moore is a man who has confidence in himself. Whether he will convince the electors of Santa Ramona Valley to have confidence in him we will find out next week.