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SD asks the public for help

The Sheriff’s Department have issued a description of a suspect in the case of the assault by two men on former Mayor Chiara Villanova.

They are looking for a tall man in his twenties, with long blond hair and blue eyes. At the time of the attack the man was wearing a black or dark gray shirt and jeans.

They also have have another suspect, currently under arrest for a separate crime, who they believe was involved. They have camera footage of the attack, which took place at

Virtuous Vice, the store belonging to the former Mayor. The footage has been sent to a forensics laboratory for digital analysis using facial recognition software. The SD are waiting for a positive confirmation from the lab that this suspect was involved before pressing charges.

This was confirmed on Friday by the Undersheriff, Azariah Brentt, in an interview with the Chronicles, during which he spoke about this attack and the unrelated attempted assassination of the Governor, Jay Stone.

The Governor was deliberately run down by a black 1966 Bronco outside Wolfe’s Tavern on February 14 after two shots were fired at him. He has been in a coma in the Santa Ramona Hospital ever since.

Undersheriff Brentt declined to give any description of a suspect in the attempted killing of the Governor. The Sheriff’s Department have a suspect in their sights, but, as he explained, to make it known at this point in time who this suspect is would be to forewarn them. A big part of the police’s ability to catch such people is the element of surprise.

Brentt also made the point that, if they released the name of a suspect and that person turns out to be innocent, the Sheriff’s Department could be at the receiving end of a law suit. And the person named could be in danger of an attack by vigilant