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Protest for Public Housing Follow Up

The protest led by Brother Langham on behalf of Santa Ramona's poor and disenfranchised saw a good turn out of civilians and both mayoral candidates, one whom was working in official capacity as EMS on site.

The protest for Public Housing and better conditions for the South side started off peacefully with Brother Langham making a speech to the crowd gathered but mid way into the protest a man in an expensive suit started to hurl bricks at either City Hall or the Police Department-it's unclear what was the intended target at this point in time.

The SRSD who were on scene to keep an eye on the protest for safety measures had to rush in and subdue the large man who had thrown bricks and when confronted by Officers, started to attack them too. The man was arrested upon being restrained by the Undersheriff and a deputy.

"I feel like the protest went well for the most part. A lot of people here are affected by high rents and housing prices. There were a good few who were there holding signs up and agreeing that we do need to demand public housing and better conditions for the South side.

The man who started to throw bricks and had to have police restrain him, well, it was frankly odd. He was wearing a nice and pricey looking suit, I'm not exactly sure what his argument was, whether it was the protest or the police but...I would like to find out and talk to him, perhaps see what the issue was." Brother Langham told the Chronicles in his statement.

"The protest was a chance to publicize a pressing issue as well as highlight it for those who might live in Ivory towers and overlook these matters. I know this city cares deeply about conditions within and am hoping that the protest will be a sticking point for mayoral candidates and that will help bring some resolution to those attempting to win a term in the mayoral office. I would like any volunteers to come to the Mission and seek me out, I will go forward with them to collect signatures to petition for Public Housing around the city." The Brother furthermore added.

With the protest over, will the Brother be looking to throw more rallies and protests in future? Br.Langham stated:

"Absolutely. I'm a committed activist and I strive to champion the marginalized members of our community, the issues that affect us all whatever those might be and ways to improve the city we live in and community we're all part of."

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