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Press Release update from SRSD

At approximately 9pm on the Valentines evening. A black 1966 Bronco pulled up outside Wolfe's Tavern on Grove Road and opened fire at people who were leaving a Valentines day event there. The target is believed to have been Governor Stone.

There was a return of fire from people on scene including an Off Duty SRSD Deputy. The Bronco then drive at a male and the Deputy. The Deputy escaped with only minor injuries. The Male at time of this press release is believed to be in critical condition in SRGH.

The 1966 Bronco has been found and labs is currently working through the evidence. The Bronco was purchased its believed by a male from Escondido, CA who was found dead in back of the vehicle having suffered from gun shot wounds to the head, possibly sustained in the incident.

Fingerprints from another suspect were found in the vehicle. We are currently working on tracing this person.

At this time it is not believed this incident was terror related. And SRSD can confirm it has found no link the an attack on the former Mayor on the same day.

It is SRSD policy not to disclose names or specific details of cases that are on going and currently under investigation, unless there is a belief that not doing so will have a severe impact on public safety and security. The disclosure of such information can be damaging to the investigation and place victims and witnesses in danger. Therefore No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department at this time.