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Beloved Celebrity Speaks Out About Car Theft

The daughter of Governor Jay Stone and one of Santa Ramona's most beloved and prolific celebrities to reside in the city has seen tragedy strike twice in the recent week or so.

Governor Stone remains in hospital in critical condition where he was placed after being the victim of an apparent drive by shooting which is currently an on going investigation by the SRSD.

Liana Stone as she is known to her fans in the music and movie world or Juliana Stone had to contend not only with her father's shooting but also had her own car stolen and later set on fire when a woman, Ms Willow Moore, the sister to Mayoral candidate Manny Moore, stole the vehicle and proceeded to crash it into an empty storefront on Shady Street while under influence of illegal substances.

The car was intentionally set on fire by Ms Moore as was revealed by a reliable and trustworthy source who was on scene at the time: "There was a lighter found at the scene, suspected to be the incendiary device for all the leaking gas on site and it had apparently been ignited by the woman we now know as Ms Moore, before she stumbled into an alleyway, bleedin' from injuries, her blood leading to where she was hiding, wounded. She sustained a broken collar bone an' other injuries but was later taken in by police. She confessed she had stolen it from 'Liana, a pop star' an' had been high at the time." Liana Stone stated,

"I am heartsick over the loss of my first car. Even more heartsick about the lack of action by our district attorneys office and the law enforcement community. I have gotten no word as to if the perpetrator of the crime has been dealt with or is walking the streets, free to do this crime to another person."

The musician and pop star is set to star in her first American movie and has enjoyed plenty of success in Europe although she currently resides in Santa Ramona where residents may have seen the actress and singer out and about.