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Rousseau Refutes Rumor

FD Chief Dimitri Rousseau, City Manager and Owner of Rousseau's Construction Company and Supplies Store spoke to the Chronicles in brief about his campaign and what it feels like being the target of an intense smear campaign that kicked off the week the announcement of the Mayoral candidates was given.

"I have, I feel, a solid platform an' ideas for the city. For as long in the years that I have been livin' here with my family, I do think the city of Santa Ramona has seen my commitment to it an' my dedication to providing EMS an' Fire Rescue services as well as rebuilding an' improving it along with my City council proposals.

My main focus is on increasing Opportunity an' Investment in the city an' I have a major project that I am hoping to bring in to support a whole cross sector of the city. It will provide economic benefits an' entertainment value an' boost this city an' add to it, not detract from it. I will be speaking out more about it and what it entails in my public rally.

In terms of community, I have clear plans for this too, in terms of engaging the city and local businesses. The idea is one I had for my campaign last run but it is an idea I will look to champion--- Meet and Greets. A list of local businesses on a voluntary rota can host a Meet &Greet monthly, for new and old citizens alike. This ensures exposure an' traffic for local businesses as well as a chance to promote they services or products, as well as even exposure for potential recruitment.

These are just a very brief overview of what I have in mind should I be voted in as Mayor for this city, I've had a 100% approval rate on every city council proposal I've made while servin' as City Alderman and have introduced a Halfway House Non profit business as part of my City Manager role, working in collaboration with a private party an' the Southside clinic at no cost to the City.

In terms of the mud bein' flung by desperate parties, I would like to state that desperate people fall to desperate means. If you focus on attackin a candidate on baseless accusations an' editing videos ta be fake news an' lie about events an' you need ta do all those things in the first place? You obviously don't have a very strong platform at all if any.

Manny Moore and his friend Jordan Russo and his cronies are such people. Their relentless use of Twitter in a sad an' pathetic way to destroy my credibility jus' speaks volumes as to who they are an' what they are about but I do appreciate that for Jordan Russo, it is the only true way this man can try an remain relevant in the public realm or insert himself into somethin' bigger than himself.

I would jus' like ta add that I have not been and never was charged with anythin that has been brought up in the past an' have been hit with slanderous accusations by parties who were violent offenders an proven mentally unstable opportunists.

If I had been charged, I wouldn't be workin in my capacity today an I will state again, I am clear an innocent of all allegations and slander. Never have I stated that anybodies business should be burned----this is moronic drivel dreamed up by a fame hungry lawyer who's lost any public interest in my opinion. I will look into launchin a lawsuit if these claims and bogus allegations keep circulating but....I'm not even sure they're worth wastin time on. Thank you."

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