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Assassination Attempts?

It has been rumored that the state Governor, Jay Stone, was the victim of a shooting last night, February 14. However, the police have refused to confirm or deny.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office merely confirmed that there had attended an incident outside Wolfe’s Tavern at around nine pm last night in which one male had been seriously hurt. For confidentiality reasons they are not releasing the identity of anyone involved.

The Sheriff’s Department have CCTV footage of the incident, but have identified no suspects at this time. They are trying to trace the whereabouts of a Black 1966 Bronco that was involved in the scene. They appeals for anyone who witnessed the incident to contact them on their non-emergency line as soon as possible.

When asked if this might have been a terror attack, the spokesperson said “It doesn’t seem to bear the hallmarks of a terror attack at this time, but we will update that when we have more information.”

The possibility of a terror attack cannot, however, be discounted, especially since further rumors are circulating that the former mayor was injured in an attack. Her store, Virtuous Vice, has been taped off by the police. And a woman resembling her was seen being taken into Santa Ramona Hospital on a stretcher this morning. The Sheriff's Department needs to be more open about what is going on, before the rumors get out of hand.