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Public Housing in Santa Ramona

As the dust settles on the reconstructed city of Santa Ramona Valley, citizens and officials alike have been returning and examining the new layout of some sections of their city. One of the questions that lingered for Brother Wyatt Langham on his recent survey of the city was the idea of Public Housing- where is it?

Federal Government supports over two million people around the country in public housing. 39% are likely to stay for five years or more, 16% are seniors, 36% are disabled people.

California is well known to be the most expensive state to live in, in the US. The rents are high, the price of buying a home today is beyond most people's means. People's incomes have not risen in accord so while home values sky rocket and rents increase, people's wages are not following this pattern and affordable housing is rare these days.

New housing and development is at a slow and steady pace but not matching demand for affordabl