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Transit Agency introduces new buses

The Santa Ramona Valley Transit Agency is to introduce a new fleet of buses. An official announcement about this is expected on Monday.

Rumors that this was about to happen started to spread on Friday after a number of kits for constructing bus shelters were delivered at an Agency depot and workers in several local construction companies were instructed to report to the Agency on Monday. The Transit Agency has also been recruiting new staff.

A spokesperson for the Transit Agency confirmed the rumors. They said “The Santa Roman Valley Transit Agency has been busy since the rebuilding of the city planning the provision of a new and up-to-date transit system. We are now ready to implement this.”

There have been continual complaints about the state of Santa Ramona’s public transportation, the age and worn state of the buses being foremost. The complaints have increased since residents have been allowed back into the city, with fewer buses back on the road and a less reliable timetable.

It is planned that the new fleet will be larger in number than the old one and that the buses will run more frequently. The spokesperson confirmed that an all-night service is also due to be phased in.

According to the spokesperson “This is not just a replacement of the old bus system but a full upgrade for the 2020s.”