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Mandatory Evacuation

For Immediate Release:

By order of the CDC Santa Ramona Valley is under an immediate and mandatory evacuation. All citizens should make their way to the evacuation points. Anyone needing assistance to reach those points should call the non-emergency line for the Sheriff'sdepartment.

This madatory evacuation is a precaution against exposure. At this time no one is belived exposed. Citizen have until 6pm on January 8th to vacate. Please take all pets with you as you will not be allowed back in to retrieve them until the all clear is given by the CDC.

Three Sisters, California was an Old West Boom town. It has been transformed into a living history museum that was once a popular tourist destination and though unused for some time, the California government has kept up the housing, business and overall use of the town. It has been used many times on emergency preparedness drills, using the town as a base of operations. We have reached out to this nearby town and requested that the citizens of Santa Ramona Valley be evacuated to this town for the duration of the emergency.

While there is electricity, running water and WiFi, they do not allow motorized transportation. There are no cars, motor bikes, trucks, etc allowed in the city limits. This town is graciously being lent to the citizens of Santa Ramona Valley so that they do not have to face a FEMA housing situation and perhaps be able to go about their day to day. There are several business that are being stocked so that people can work, live and enjoy their time at Three Sisters.

I repeat that no one has been exposed to anything. That the evacuation is necessary to ensure the continued safety of the citizens. This evacuation should be calm and organized. Please keep your personal items with you. We are all in this together. And together we will come back stronger than ever.

Chiara Villanova

Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley