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Vesuvio's, feast not famine.

The casual atmosphere of a family home, it seems so far removed from what we would expect from a party hosted at a business in the heart of the city but it’s exactly what people got at Vesuvio’s on New Years Eve. Whether in full gowns and white tie, button downs with rolled sleeves, or soft bare skin and chilled nips all were welcome at the Italian ball drop pre-game hosted by Julia Ruggieri, the new owner of the illustrious Vesuvio’s on Shady Street.

With a New Year comes new opportunity, be it following a line of mistaken assumption and chasing the suggestion of “coupling” with the handsome escort for a New Years party, getting a gym membership that I’m confident will pay off this year for those of us who brave that storm, or taking the helm of a much loved restaurant with bold new Ideas. Before this party I had the chance to sit with Miss Ruggieri and talk to her about what Vesuvio’s meant to her and what she might hope it would mean to the community, there was a lot of the usual talk of hopes and dreams and where things went from here.