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Community Outreach-Fitness & Health

With the holidays coming up and the inevitable extra pounds we'll all pack on because of sugar cookies, drinks, and extra helpings of turkey, ham or standing rib roast the Santa Ramona Hospital and Hard Rock gym are coming to our rescue.

Santa Ramona General Hospital in partnership with Hard Rock Gym is doing a community outreach program to promote physical fitness and health. The idea is to have events at least once a month where people come together for different physical activities. Dr. Cris Chastain of SRGH spoke to me about this program. "We've already had Yoga on the beach. I'd like to do it outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting. But we have some other classes planned... Boot Camp style calisthenics, Tai Chi... just fun things that are relatively low impact that will help build strength and flexibility.."

The events are meant to be social events where you can meet others while also promoting a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Chastain explained that exercising is great but exercising with friends provides us with more motivation. She added, "We are far less likely to blow off physical fitness when we do it with other people."

So put down that butter rum or sugar cookie and check out the SRV Events Calendar for the next Community Outreach Event sponsored by Santa Ramona General Hospital and Rock Hard Gym. Your heart will thank you for it and you just might meet a new friend.