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Crime & Gun Proposals for City Council

Crime and Gun Proposals are shaping up to be the theme for this November's City Council meeting. The most significant proposal is in regards to taking away guns from citizens deemed a significant threat before they have been convicted.

There are citizens in the city that are not very happy with these Red Flag laws being introduced in Santa Ramona. City Hall Protector, a man who is often found lingering outside city hall, has been handing out fliers. The Flier states, " Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by the placations of law enforcement. Do not believe that 'Your best interests' are their guiding star. Do not allow them to take your god-given rights away from you without a fight. Speak to your city council representatives about opposing Chiara Villanova's proposed 'Red flag' laws."

The mayor emailed a response to our request for comment. According to Mayor Villanova, "There is a gun violence reduction proposal before the committee. It is a multi prong approach to reducing the number of shootings in Santa Ramona. One of those looks into ways that guns can be removed from the reach of repeat offenders awaiting trial on violent crimes. The courts are backed up which means if a known troublemaker is seen by a dozen witnesses shooting into a crowd and gets arrested they can get bailed out and go out and do it again and again until the first court date. This proposal aims to make sure after their arrest the Sheriff's Department can request the courts take away the offender's access to weapons temporarily for the public good."

The City Council meeting is this Saturday, November 23rd at 5:00 p.m. SLT in the City Council chamber at City Hall. Be on the look out for a follow up article with the new proposals. Be ready to do your civic duty and show up to the meeting with your questions and comments about Crime Control November.

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