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November Crime Watch

Crime Watch

October 30th a doctor was assaulted in front of SRGH. A suspect was tazzed and a man was arrested on charges of giving a false ID and battering a law enforcement officer.

November 2nd there was a fire set in the cornfields of McCreedy Farm. The fire was set during a vigil for the Rousseau children who had been kidnapped by Max Mactavish. Minor injuries were reported, however a body was found in Farmer McCreedy's home. The death has been deemed a homicide and the fire has been deemed arson by the Fire Department. If you have information you're asked to contact SRSD.

November 4th there was a car crash on Pacific involving a Sheriff Department cruiser. Bystanders had assumed a deputy had lost control and crashed the vehicle during a high speed chase. Others speculated if drugs or alcohol were involved.

The Fire and Sheriff's Department were on scene working together to save the driver of the car. Bystanders were significantly impressed by how well the two departments worked together to save the life of the person in the car. When the driver was pulled out she was wearing civilian clothes. Bystanders were surprised when the driver was placed under arrest. SRSD stated she was arrested for Grand Theft Auto.

Undersheriff Brentt stated, "Its actually very difficult to steal a police or Sheriff car. When we are at a scene, the Deputy will hit a button that activates something called runlock that basically allows us to keep our lights and sirens on, if the brakes or pedals are even touched the car locks and is completely immobilized. The incident in this case was caused by a Cadet leaving the keys in the car while he came into the building briefly. The cadet in question has been spoken too and disciplined accordingly."

On November 6 SRSD responded to the dock area in Southside where the Coast Guard returned the three Rousseau children to their parents and turned over the suspect in the kidnapping into SRSD. The suspect is currently in SRSD custody and is said to be cooperating with the Sheriff's Department.

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