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Press Release regarding escaped serial killer Jacob DeLucca

Santa Ramona Sheriffs Department was contacted late yesterday afternoon, November 4th, by US Marshall's office. To inform us that wanted fugitive and serial killer Jacob DeLucca has been recaptured by their patrols.

DeLucca had escaped from custody during a medical transfer in Kansas a few days prior to October 20th and was believed to have been heading to Santa Ramona California.

“At the time we were informed, his whereabouts were unconfirmed,” states Undersheriff Azariah Brentt. “There had been some indication he had been spotted close to Santa Ramona Valley, but his reasons for heading here were unclear. The following day after were initially informed Sheriff Jade-Ramirez who had had previous experience with DeLucca was contacted by him in the form of a voice mail left for her. This put the Department onto high alert, but we where unable to trace his precise whereabouts from the voicemail, which we believe may have been made from a public phone box. Two days after that DeLucca appears to have been in a club in Santa Ramona, where he brought a drink for a local reporter from the Chronicles. Although the reporter never saw DeLucca there and was not aware it was him.”

DeLucca had been on death row in Kansas for the killing of six women over a three month period several years ago, when he escaped.

“The day after he turned up at the club in SRV, the reporter in question also received a voicemail from DeLucca. This voicemail was passed over to us and there appeared to be a certain level of malice in it. We believed it was warning to the reporter and the chronicles staff to stop printing articles about him. I personally contacted the reporter in question to inform them of our belief and to advise a retraction of the latest article and to hold off writing any more.” Undersheriff Brentt added. “Since this time we have had no further intelligence regarding DeLucca until yesterday when the Sheriff was called by US Marshall's Office to inform us that they had DeLucca back in their custody. DeLucca is this morning on his way back to jail to continue his sentence and as of yesterday afternoon we are awaiting a phone call from the Commanding Officer of the Prison to confirm he is safely secured behind bars again.”

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