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The History of a Serial Killer

More information has come to light about escaped prisoner Jacob DeLucca. DeLucca was a Sergeant with the United States Army. He served as a mechanic with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. This is where court records indicate he first met and became fixated on Army Chief Warrant Officer third class, Sarina Jade.

Records show that when Jade was grounded from flying, she transferred to the CID. Months later, Sergeant DeLucca followed. He worked in the CID transportation unit. The psychologist that took the stand said that DeLucca fixated on Jade because she did not fall under his charms. As the psychologist put it, "When a psychopath is used to people falling for his charms it can be a blow to the ego that would become a personal challenge to rectify. It became a personal mission to show who was superior."

That's when CID Agents believe he killed the first woman, Marion Sanchez. He left her body hanging in a tree on the route that Special Agent Jade took to work. The woman was still in her Army uniform so there was no mistaking it would be a CID case. Over the course of the following three months, DeLucca continued to leave taunting messages for Special Agent Jade in an attempt to not only get her attention but to prove he was capable of charming women to their own deaths.

When he realized they were closing in on him, he attempted to go after Jade as his final kill. She managed to foil his plan. He was arrested, tried, and sentenced to two life terms in military prison with no possibility of parole.

Now, he has escaped and it has been confirmed that he is in fact in Santa Ramona Valley. The chronicle has learned that he has already contacted Jade-Ramirez. He has also made contact with this reporter from the Chronicle.

The Sheriff was asked why DeLucca was being taken to the hospital just before his escape. She stated that prison officials were not releasing that information, citing HIPPA laws. Could it be that DeLucca is dying and his final wish is to suicide by cop? Or was his trip to the hospital a clever ruse to escape custody? Too many questions remain about this killer's motives. What we do know is that he is dangerous and citizens should be mindful of their surroundings, keep their doors locked, and report any suspicious sightings of DeLucca.