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Serial Killer Update

The Chronicle has been investigating fugitive Jacob DeLucca and why he has made his way to California from Kansas. Court records have been requested but a review of newspaper articles about the man reveal that he was able to charm his victims into trusting him. He's charismatic and comes across as trustworthy. He's also very much a psychopath according to a psychologist that was a witness in the trial.

The Sheriff's Department was asked what measures are being put into place to protect the community. Undersheriff Azariah Brentt stated that there is a Be on the Lookout for the fugitive and that the Department has increased their operational awareness. He stated, "Everyone, not just women, need to be extra vigilant. If, and at the moment as far as I am aware it is still only speculative, he does come to SRV then he is going to need a place to stay. I would urge everyone to keep a close check on who they rent rooms or lodgings too. If anyone has any suspicions that he might be the suspect then contact us on 911, let us check it out. I would seriously caution the public NOT to approach him but pick up and call us immediately. Also lock your doors, outhouses, that sort of thing. Be sensible, be safe but make sure this guy has nowhere to go and no one to hide him. The Department is on alert. I have no doubt we can catch him and with the publics help, I hope that will be swiftly."

The Chronicle has also learned that there is someone in the city that the killer has ties too but we haven't confirmed that persons identity. As soon as we learn that, we will keep the city informed. Remember, keep your doors locked and your eyes open. A picture of the escaped fugitive has been provided but beware this is several years old.