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Escaped Fugitive at Large in SRV County

Several days ago, a known serial killer, sentenced to death in Kansas, escaped. Prison officials said he and four other prisoners were being transported to a nearby hospital for treatment when their transport was involved in an accident. The prisoners took advantage of the accident to over power the guards and escape. Three prisoners were found and returned to prison. A fourth was found dead, hanging from a tree. The last prisoner is said to still be at large.

The escaped fugitive is named Jacob LaDucca, known as Tall Jake. Years ago he went on a rampage, killing six women in a three month period. The women varied in physical descriptions but all were luridly displayed for maximum shock value. All women had been poisoned, had their ring finger removed, and then hung by a noose in a very public way. It was never revealed why he took their ring fingers.

U.S. Marshals have indicated that he was spotted near Santa Ramona Valley County but would not confirm why he traveled all the way from Kansas to California. They are warning residents to be on the look out for Tall Jake who is described as being six feet six inches tall, 235 pounds with no known tattoos. He has a small scar on his lower lip. He has green eyes, tan skin, and black hair. They have stated that citizens should immediately call 911.