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Rock Hard Gym is Rock Hard

Today the Rock Hard Gym had an open house. The owner, Bruno Caffarelli was present to greet guests as they arrived. Also in attendance were two trainers. The event had catered food and drinks provided by La Cantina. The owner and the trainers are body builders and were posing just outside and inside the doors to draw attention to the event.

Bruno Caffarelli, Owner of Rock Hard Gym

Rock Hard Gym was signing up new memberships and giving tours of the facility. Standard memberships are typically 30 a month and include access to all the equipment, the sauna, hot tub, massage table and various MMA, self defense and yoga classes. Standard membership gives members access to one of these special classes once a week. VIP membership includes all of the above but you get unlimited access to the classes and training. The VIP membership costs just 100 a month.

While the facility is small it packs a lot into a small space. There's weight lifting machines for those wanting to build muscle and cardio machines for those just wanting to build stamina. When asked why it's important to do weight training, trainer Ruben expressed, "Lifting weights is very important because it helps tone the body and, more importantly, helps make it stronger. It also makes losing weight easier than just with diet and cardio alone. I'm not saying everyone should become as muscular as I am, but they should at least do some weight training, if only to keep healthy"

Rock Hard Gym also advises those who are new to working out at a gym to work with a trainer at first. You should also follow the typical rules. Know your limits. If it's too heavy, don't lift it.