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October City Council Proposal

Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. SLT will be the first city council meeting for Mayor Villanova. Below you will find the proposal submitted by the Mayor. There are no other proposals on the agenda. If you want to submit a comment or question for the record, send to City Hall before the meeting. (send to Sarina Jade (Madison Munru)

Submitted by Chiara Villanova, Mayor

Proposal: Build a Community Center

There are no location for a group of people to gather on the south side of town. What is in that area is a lot of empty buildings. I propose that the city acquire the abandoned warehouse on Rhydin Street, next to the Tip Top convenience store and convert it into a Community Center to hold classes, meeting and community events.

Cons: Loss of uncollected back taxes on the property and of future property taxes IF the property were to ever sell. Future upkeep costs which could be offset by donations.

Pros: A gathering place for residents. This location would allow residents a place for meetings, block parties, even skill development. A couple of local businesses have agreed to hold short training classes there to encourage folks to train for their industries.

Cost: The building could be acquired for the outstanding taxes currently at $58,750 ((see attached property tax bill)) plus one dollar, creating a net cost to the city of one dollar. These are funds the city would have had to spend money to collect. The one dollar is to place the transaction in the 'sale' category of real estate transaction rather than an eminent domain situation. The current owner is agreeable to this solution. Additional cost would be for clean up and renovations. All the current code violations are clean up and vacancy related rather than structural or building safety. (see attached list of code violations) So far $30,000 has been donated towards those costs. The hope is to have a community clean up day to do general repairs, clean up and things like painting. This would minimize cost and jump start community involvement in this project.