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How many bars does a city need?

Upon arriving in Santa Ramona I overheard someone saying that there were thirteen bars in the city. That seemed like an exaggeration or an alcoholics anonymous nightmare. So I embarked on a journey to find out just what kind of bars Santa Ramona had and if there was as much drinking in the city as would be indicated by having thirteen bars.

After investigation, there aren't thirteen actual bars. I've compiled a list of the bars, restaurants with bars, and entertainment businesses that serve alcohol. Where possible, I garnered input from the owners of the businesses. In some cases, the business owner or manager wasn't available to answer questions so customers were asked for information about the business.

Actual Bars: four

The Boiler Room is a sports bar located in the basement of a building in the older part of Santa Ramona. Large screen TV's are everywhere which complete with a massive bar that is stocked with enough liquor to keep you at the bar for an entire sports season.

Badges is a bar specifically for first responders, their families and paid members. Anyone can become a member for $25. Their signature drink is the Rising Sun Beer. They have events occasionally, $1 all night events, and live music.

Wolfe's Tavern is a rock country hybrid that serves pub style food. They are located near City Hall and Creamy Centers coffee shop. There's a huge dance floor downstairs and upstairs is a pool table for those interested in hitting a few balls.

SLAB is a dive bar located near the worst of all potholes located in Southside. This made me a believer in Mayor Chi Villanova's goal to fill in these beastly holes.

Restaurants with Bars: Five

La Cantina serves authentic Mexican homemade dishes. They use a smoker to make their meats daily and offer a variety of specials on their meals throughout the week. From the bar you can order their special drink, the Sangria.