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Hole New Safety

The city council recently passed a proposal from Santa Ramona Sheriff's Dept, to have new lockable covers to be put onto the sewer access holes on El Camino and Retro. In an effort to prevent members of the public gaining access to the sewers for often illegal and nefarious purposes, that have recently, in last 6 months, according to the SD, resulted in injury, torture and murder of both citizens of Santa Ramona police officers.

I caught up with the new Undersheriff of Santa Ramona newly formed Sheriff's Dept and asked him about what difference this will make.

"Its our belief that preventing access to the sewer system on the Southside of town will go a long way towards, making the streets in that area and all over town safer. It was as I stated in my proposal, a completely unpoliceable rat run before, where people could be hiding and doing who knows what, with very little chance of detection until it was too late. Which seriously concerned us given some of the atrocities that have taken place down there. During our investigations we discovered the keys to two of the covers were lost a long time ago and the covers were left unlocked to allow access to workers, this of course meant it was easy for anyone to get down there, it was a situation that we were unprepared to allow to continue. Fortunately the council agreed with us on the issue and we now have three nice new covers specially made for us, that we have been informed can never be left unlocked due to the way in which the key is removed from the locking mechanism, providing a failsafe system." Undersheriff Brentt said.

I asked the Undersheriff who would have access to these keys.

"As far as I understand, Municipal services those who most likely to need semi regular access will have a set and another set will remain in City Hall for use by emergency services if needed and as back up in case the others are lost." he said.

So there you go, nice new sewer covers, lets just hope they help with reducing the crime rate