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Howl for Wolfes!

WOLFE'S TAVERN IS REOPENED WITH A NEW OWNER!! WOLFES WILL BE A COUNTRY STYLE BAR WITH CLASSIC ROCK INFLUENCES, WE WILL BE HAVING EVENTS MONTHLY, INCLUDING BBQ'S, PIG ROASTS, HOLIDAY PARTIES!!! THE ADVENTURES AWAIT YOU!!! WE ARE SEEKING STAFF!!!.. BOUNCERS, WAITERS, WAITRESSES, DANCERS, ENTERTAINMENT PROVIDERS!!! PLEASE APPLY ((ICLY)) WITH RIVER CARO-GRAY (NADIRA FAIRPORT) ((River ICly is a gal from Far east Canada, she is a home grown country gal with strong roots of her homelands. She took the trip to Santa Ramona California as an adventure. Having been here and her inheritance following her she bought the abandoned tavern Wolfes! She plans to bring it back to life with every fiber she can muster with awesome tavern food, wings, nachos, beer and the likes. Pool tournaments, greedy nights.. and the likes are all racing around in her mind. Always open for help and of course suggestions! River is a team player from her younger years. Lets work together and make Wolfes a lively Tavern once again!))