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Press Release on OIS

On the Afternoon of Sunday 29th September, SRPD Officers went to an apartment on Saturn Way in order to serve an arrest warrant they had for a resident there, in connection with the recent shoot out at Seven Ring's Casino.

The Officers spent sometime explaining why they were there and the charges on the Warrant through the door to the female occupant and trying persuade her to open the door. After several warnings they attempted to breech the door. The door did not give on the first attempt, but due to its poor construction a hole was made.

It was through this hole that the female then started firing a shotgun at the officers. They responded with several warnings that she needed to desist and drop the gun. The female failed to comply. One of the officers was shot in the arm. The Officers then attempted to return fire. The Officers on scene called in back up and two more Officers arrived. It was decided to use CS gas due to risk to life of all involved and Officers throw a canister of CS gas into the apartment, then breeched the door.

The female inside responded with at least two barrages of shots at the officers, during which two more of the Officers were injured. One receiving two shots one of which her ballistics vest stopped but she was left winded and the other striking her in the shoulder. The other sustained a head injury when she was throw against a wall by the force of a shot that hit her shield.

The officers fired several shots at the female in return of fire, two of which hit her one on the leg and another on her stomach.

The incident went on for several hours, the only remaining uninjured Officer called for EMT's then administered emergency aid to the female until the EMT's arrived. The female was arrested and sent to SRGH. The injured Officers were also sent to hospital.

CSI was then called in and took all the guns, bullet castings and spent shell fragments as evidence. During their search they also found an armory behind a bookshelf which had been left open and which contained a small horde of weapons and ammo these were confiscated pending investigation into their legality.

The Officers on scene was wearing a body cameras.

The Officers involved in the shooting are all seasoned Officers who have been with the department for a long time. No names are being released at this time.

At the time of printing the Officers are under an Internal Affairs Investigation with SRV Court as per normal procedure in these situations and are on restricted duties. No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

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