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Dam Work Done

Governor Stone and City Hall passed approval over a proposal to repair the Dam located on the Eastern side of the valley of Santa Ramona when it was discovered that the past two earthquakes had caused cracks to form in the concrete walls of the Dam.

An examination of the Dam had been carried out and the cracks were documented and displayed in the proposal. The proposal sought to request for a Federal Grant of up to $100 million for the repairs to be carried out when the council and public approved the idea of repair versus deconstruction and rebuilding the Dam with the latter being seen as too costly.

Governor Stone was able to land $100 million Federal Grant to repair the Dam, hiring a local construction company to carry out the work. Post tension cables which are used to reinforce Dams were used in the project. The 'heel' or lower part of the Dam was also reinforced with a concrete addition. The double reinforcing of post tension cables and concrete at the base of the Dam should reassure the citizen's as [NPC] Dam Engineer Robert Wilson explains:

"Reducing tensile stress on the Dam will ensure that further cracking and stress to the Dam walls will be prevented. Post tension techniques have proven to be effective in increasing and improving the ability of concrete structures and their load bearing capabilities. They will also rehabilitate earthquake induced cracking. We will expect more seismic activity in future but we will at least be sure that we have taken the best course of action to prevent the Dam from damage and from breaking down leading to catastrophic flooding."

Rousseau's Construction company is carrying out the large scale infrastructure project, not the first of it's kind that they have undertaken with the construction of the overpass for Highway 66 on the North side among construction of the newly built large scale hospital, the Fire Department and El Toro Loco restaurant among other buildings and projects.

"We are pleased to have finished the repairs more or less on schedule with only some delays. The Grant ensure that the project is not too costly on the City Budget and for that we have Governor Stone to thank for his being able to procure it. Work went well and we expect that the Dam will now withhold a lot more in the next earthquake." Construction company Owner Dimitri Rousseau stated.

The work took place over the last few [IC] weeks and looks to be a neat remodel--- the cables will be concentrated at the heel or lower part of the Dam and sunk into grooves of the Dam so as to be hidden from sight, the concrete addition at the bottom will be submerged in water, both implements ready to take on whatever seismic activity has in store for them.

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