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Hospital Health Fair

On Saturday, September 28th, the Santa Ramona Hospital hosted a health fair. The health fair offered a variety of services to the citizens including flu shots, basic health exams, blood tests, sexually transmitted disease checks, eye exams, blood pressure readings, prenatal care as well as setting up appointments for future care.

Mayor Chi Villanova was at the health fair. When asked about the fair she stated, "Public health is always at the forefront of City Hall's mind be it with condoms, removing excess guns from the streets or even something as simple as filling potholes so you don't get that hard banging jar on your way to work." When asked about taking peoples guns, the mayor was quick to add "No I don't plan on taking folks' legal guns away from them but I do plan on making it harder for felons to get guns, harder for automatic weapons to be used against our law enforcement personnel."

The hospital chief, Doctor Evelyna Stone was also in attendance helping at the health fair. When asked about the reason for the fair she sounded passionate about the services the hospital and clinic offers. The clinic offers many free services which allows the hospital to focus on emergent and intensive care services. Federal grants pay for the free services at the Southside clinic as well as volunteers.

Doctor Stone was asked if there was any health crisis in Santa Ramona. She had this to say: "I think the biggest health crisis is honestly the violent crime issues we're having as a community. Gunshot wounds are more common than a sprained ankle lately and that might not sound preventable but as a community, it needs to become preventable." Doctor Stone also seemed to be happy about the new mayor, saying, "I think the mayor has a lot ahead of her and hope she accomplishes all she strives too."

The health fair was successful if by no other standards than how many people showed up for the free food. Many people appeared to be getting their flu shots and making appointments for other services. If you need a check up or just one of those many types of preventative health check ups, then you should call the SRGH or the Southside clinic and set up an appointment today.