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Press Release on OIS

On the Afternoon of Sunday 22nd September, SRPD Officers were dispatched to Boozie's Liquor Store on Saturn Way where a caller had reported a major drug deal happening and two occupants of a bright yellow Kobra on scene.

They arrived to find the Kobra and its occupants but were unable to locate the caller. It's suspected it 'might' of been an ambush as when the Officers arrived the occupants almost immediately began to fire at them. One had a hand gun the other and AK-47. Both suspects were previously known to police.

The Officers gave two verbal warnings that they would return fire if the weapons were not dropped. The suspects continued to fire at them and long shoot out ensued. During which one Officer sustained a serious gun shot wound to his arm and had to be treated for significant blood loss and another Officer sustained some minor lacerations from shattering glass and minor head injury when a cigarette lighter was thrown at his head. A final warning was issued that if the guns were not dropped the Officers would shot to kill. All of the warnings were ignored and the suspects continued shoot at the Officers.

The incident went on for several hours, even after back up arrived. One suspect was shot in the face with a rifle shell, and is believed to be in a critical condition at the time of this release, the other received at least two shots to her chest area, one of which was fatal. The Medical Examiner was called and proclaimed her dead on the scene. EMT's arrived and treated the wounded.

The Officers on scene was wearing a body cameras and the car dash cam was recording. The Officers involved in the shooting are all seasoned Officers who have been with the department for a long time. No names are being released.

At the time of printing the Officers are under an Internal Affairs Investigation with SRV Court as per normal procedure in these situations and are on restricted duties. No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

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