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Press Release Re SRGH Incident on Sep 20th

A Nurse and two Police Officers died yesterday, Friday afternoon, another Officer is currently in a serious but stable condition, a hospital auxiliary has critical injuries and others including yet another SRPD Officer and a SRGH Doctor also sustained injuries during the incident in the ICU department of the hospital, which rendered the hospital on security lock down for several hours we are told. At least nine gunshots were heard to be fired by the assailant and SRPD Officers attempting to stop her rein of destruction.

The hospital was open as usual again this morning September 21st and I was able to contact Dr Evelyna Stone the Clinical director of Santa Ramona General Hospital this afternoon and ask her about the incident.

"The hospital is reviewing the details of this horrible act that occurred. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families affected by the attack. And our gratitude to the Santa Ramona Valley Police Department for their swift actions. The staff at SRGH find ourselves often in the middle ground of the violent acts that occur in our city, tending to the wounded and trying to help the bodies and minds heal long after the violence has come to an end. We rarely are in the violence as was the case when this vicious attack happened. The hospital's main focus is always the health and well being of all that enter our doors and will continue to be. Our staff must be protected and the footage of this heinous act will be looked over and security measures improved to help ensure our staff stays safe and able to help any and all who need it. The security measures will also be included in our Clinic in Southside, so that both our locations can offer safe, effective and exemplary care." Dr. Eve Stone, MD.

Lieutenant Brentt of SRPD told me “An officer was already at the hospital chasing up another case, when panic alarm went off in the ICU. Shortly after a nurse who had gone to investigate called down and told reception a patient was assaulting a Doctor in her room. He was sent up to assist and found the Doctor unconscious and an Officer who had been on guard duty outside the room and who had gone inside to help the doctor, was also unconscious with a head injury. The officer called for back up an attempted to secure the scene drawing his tazer and ordering the woman put her hands on her head. She failed to comply and instead producing a gun, which we believe was taken from the room guard, and she began firing at the officer. This then rapidly escalated into a critical incident, during which the assailant repeatedly used Hospital stuff as shields and shot and killed two of our officers and nurse was killed when she was shoved into the line of fire of an Officer trying to stop the murderous rampage the assailant was on. We eventually managed to stop her and place her under arrest. The assailant is at this time in our custody at SRPD. We are completely devastated by the tragedy that unfolded yesterday. Today, we mourn the loss of two of our own. Just over a month after losing Officer Smith during a similar incident.” the Lieutenant went on to say. He told me that the officers' body cam video and civilian eyewitness accounts would be part of the investigation of the shooting. "It was a horrific and senseless loss of life, not only for us but the Hospital staff involved too. And we cannot thank SRGH enough for the care they took of our injured personnel in the aftermath." he said.

We asked about the Officers “ One was Officer Dan Jones, and Officer Sam Hedingham. Both natives of Santa Ramona. The Chief and I both went personally to inform the families late on last night(Friday). Our thoughts and prayers are with them and all those families affected by this tragedy at this time.” Lieutenant Brentt said. "It’s heartbreaking when police officers and nursing personnel die while doing their jobs of keeping us safe and healing us. Santa Ramona is my home town, and I know the city will be hurting today. The loss of police officers and nursing staff hurts all of us. God bless our Police Officers and Nurses. You awe us with your bravery and self sacrifice every single day.”

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