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Chiara Villanova Campaign ad

My name is Chiara Villanova and I approved this ad.

Many of you might not know me. I am the lead designer and owner of Virtuous Vice Clothing Company. While I wasn't born here Santa Ramona is my adopted hometown. I not only work with a business on the South side, I live here on the North side, paying taxes on both a condo and my business.

You might question my qualifications to be Mayor. I started Virtuous Vice out of my locker in high school. I have lead it's growth to thirteen cities across the United States. I repaid my family the seed money they loaned me with interest. My company employees a handful of people in the local shop but even more who handle our shipping operations. Nationally we employ hundreds. I pride myself on giving back with both food and clothing drives. With the help of the community we donated a packed semi truck's worth of clothing for the homeless and passed out fifty fresh turkeys to families in need for Thanksgiving.

I encourage everyone to come to the debate on Sunday September 22nd. Learn more about me and then make up your mind who is the best candidate to represent you.