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Response to Joeseph Styles From A City Councilman

I have written to address Joseph Styles points that he made to the Santa Ramona Chronicles regarding the issue of the City Council.

It seems that Mr Styles is a part of the general public who [no offense intended] does not take the time to read up on who your city council members are and what they have achieved or are about to qualify them a place in the council to begin with and what they achieved while there.

You're seeing us in a one dimensional capacity of Fire Chief, PD Chief, Doctor...etc.

If you were in this position on the council and somebody asked why you, a bar owner were a part of it, you might understand that the job you hold is not related to your opinions and experience and personal assets that you personally bring to the table/council.

We are also fellow citizens and were interested in the position of being a part of the City Council and were granted seats thereby appointed by Governor Stone because we are branches of the Municipality to begin with or are related to vital services in the city.

I can understand a desire for elected representatives but there was no previous interest in the city council body in terms of openings and the very few people who even express such an opinion are usually people who disappear and do not do anything related to helping the city in the first place to which most of us can only conclude that they are there to complain without actually interested in achieving anything.

Please ask yourself what tangible actions such as: Fundraising for the city or it's services or for local issues has any one who has complained done? What have they practically tried to implement or requested to put across in City Hall to see achieved? What solutions are they bringing to discussion?

Having said that, of course an elected city council is the way things work. If there were people vying for a spot on the council, there should be a list drawn up and a fixed period for the city council members to operate in before new names are thrown in to contend for the seats. Now personally what have I used my position on council to do? *Drawn up a contingency plan for the entire city where none existed previously as well as drew up a map and designated a relocation zone which was discussed also with the PD and SRV Hospital. [The Contingency plan is a detailed plan of action for municipal departments on what and how/where/when to carry out act objectives in the case of wildfire, earthquakes, flooding etc.]

*Written up a set of Natural Disaster Guidelines for the publics benefit, free copies of which are distributed outside of the FD.

*Requested Governor Stone and helped to secure $50,000 in Federal Grants for the city's emergency funds.

*Helped to create under Governor Stone, a warehouse for natural disaster supplies.

*Secured financial backing from independent investors to create a race track for Santa Ramona which has been used since recently established for: Motor Sport Racing A Car Convention

With more events scheduled to follow and the track is designated for usage for other unrelated events while also helping to create job opportunities for local garages, mechanics and provide opportunity for any garages wishing to custom detail racing cars, motorbikes etc

*Passed a proposal for more business opportunities to be fostered in Santa Ramona by creation of a TV Production company which then went onto be put out to the Public as an IPO and will be later this year established and serve to boost City entertainment and local economy [for hairdressers, make up artists, actors, singers, musicians, comedians, etc.]

*Examined the local Dam with an NPC Dam Engineer and proposed to push for Federal Grants to have the Dam repaired after documenting that there were indeed cracks caused by the last few earthquakes.

So: Public safety, boosting local business opportunities and economy and contributing to the city in positive measures as well as promoting events for the cities entertainments that boost local revenue.

On top of which I helped raise $3000 to the cities emergency disaster funds by sharing an event with The Reel and SRV General Hospital in the Cook Off Contest.

I am doing what any local city councilman would do in this position which is trying to make the city a better and safer place while trying to help it's economy and budget.

The other city council members are all doing the same- they bring issues of Safety, Economic and Community concerns and have implemented actions and events, fundraisers to address these.

Please be informed about who we are and what we have done for the city before asking why we are in our positions.