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City Council-Additional Proposal

This proposal was not included in the first batch. The mistake was due to computer glitch when the file was uploaded. We apologize for any confusion this created.

Remember, citizen comments for proposals submitted for City Council approval can be sent to City Hall. (Drop a NC on Sarina Jade (Madison Munro) ) The City Council is meeting on Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. SLT.


Proposal 4 submitted by Lieutenant Azariah Brentt of SRPD:

Since June this year there have been to date 1 murder in the of the sewers of this city, plus 3 kidnap victims have been taken down there, 2 or 3 people have been held and tortured down there. There is evidence of an illegal fight club, being operated in an abandoned room in the sewer systems. We have also found evidence of animal sacrifice and/or occult rituals taking place down there. These sewers are out of sight of the public and Law Enforcement are clearly being used for illegal and nefarious purposes.

Mr Keyes from City Services and I have walked every inch of the sewers and unlike the Northern ones there is no evidence of either water or sewage usage any longer. There are a couple of outlets that seem to vent gas from somewhere, but other than this we see no need for frequent access to this section of the sewers and due to the fact that it poses an unpoliceable rat run. I am proposing the replacement of the Maintenance hole access covers.

I have included some quotes for Lockable covers its a small cost to the city that could save a lot of problems in the future.

Quote and Information from John Keyes, Officer of City Maintenance dept.

Lockable access covers not only improves site and location security and provides security against theft and malicious damage.

The B125 range has a locking mechanism which has been designed to re-engage automatically when pushed back into the frame. This kind costs $191.35

The C250 and D400 range has an ergonomically designed key which locks and unlocks the cover from the frame. This kind cost $321.52

The cover can never be left unlocked due to the way in which the key is removed from the locking mechanism, providing a failsafe system.

The frame design ensures that the surrounding concrete structure maintained in compression, which prevents displacement and cracking. Deep seating of the lockable access covers prevents any possibility of them being disturbed by impact forces. Continuous rather than three point seating eliminates wear and the SSC round covers have rotational restraint to prevent eccentric forces from causing displacement and wear.

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