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City Council Proposals for 9/15/19

In an effort to better communicate with citizens, the SRV City Council will be posting proposals that are being presented at their monthly council meeting held on September 15, 2019 at 5:00 pm SLT. Citizens may send comments to City Hall in regards to these proposals. These comments will be read into the record and will be taken into consideration as the council members debate the proposals. (Give Notecard statement to Sarina Jade (Madison Munro) )


Proposal 1 submitted by Chief Rousseau of the Fire Department:

The following contains a report made by the councilman and a suggested proposal based off the report: Council man Rousseau visited the Dam site and the Dam engineer and Mr Rousseau were able to go over the entire structure.. It would seem that due to seismic activity, the city Dam does have a few cracks in the walls.Councilman Rousseau attached some documented evidence of this in this report here below:

The options for the Dam would be:

*Destruction and then Reconstruction-

Cons: Expensive and environmentally harmful. Federal Grant may not be forthcoming as several cases might show [Attached is an NPC report on Government assistance and Federal funding on Dams]

Pro:The advantages would be latest construction techniques applied to ensure the safety of all civilians and city structures in future with reduced risk of flooding/Dam breakage.

*Strengthening the Dam with Post tension technique. Council man Rousseau has spoken to the Engineer NPC Robert Wilson and researched the techniques in question.This solution would be more affordable and practical:

*Steel reinforced bars in a concrete addition after adjustment of some section of the Dam [At it's heel].*Cables to help reduce seismic stresses to the Dam.The estimated cost of these would be in the $100 million range in terms of dollars as a project, including cost of materials.There is ability to appeal to Federal funding for repair work which will be easier to get granted then with demolition and reconstruction. Governor Stone may be able to provide his magic touch in securing this grant.

[For reference to costs! :

"A subsidiary of Kiewit Corp., and Advanced Construction Techniques Ltd., is completing the work under an $87.4 million contract. Kiewit-A.C.T. is responsible for installing an 800-foot-long grout curtain into the rock foundation of the main dam embankment, building a work surface near the crest of the earthen embankment portion of the dam, and installing a grout curtain into the rock foundation at the left rim of the dam.]

Councilman Rousseau included this reference from a respected report:

Conclusion:To improve the dam safety under very strong earthquakes, seismic cracking and strengthening of concrete gravity dams is discussed in this paper. Numerical simulation shows that concrete gravity dams are possible to experience cracking during large earthquakes and the suggested measures are effective to prevent the occurrence and propagation of cracking in concrete gravity dams. Conclusions can be listed as follows.(1) Concrete gravity dams are likely to experience cracking under intensive excitations, especially at the heel of dam body and upstream discontinuity.(2) A gentle and smooth upstream face could reduce the tensile stress in the dam body and avoid the occurrence of cracking.(3) Reinforcing bars cannot prevent the occurrence of cracking under highly tensile stress, but it can resist the propagation of cracks and reduce the damage of dam body.(4) Post-tension cables can strengthen the dam body effectively, if it is adequately designed.


Proposal 2 Submitted by Doctor Evelyna Stone of SRV Hospital:

Southside residents come together to appoint a small council. The people should include business owners and residents, especially those of the neighborhood area that seems most affected. The council should have a collective view of voices, perhaps three spots open that can meet together and discuss the needs of their area. Like it or not, the area is unhappy with the current state of things, they might not all agree on what makes them unhappy, but there is a definitive divide. Their council will elect a spokesperson, who will serve on the City Council as a representative for Southside. They will be given time at each meeting to speak on the problems they are facing and will have to agree to do so in the decorum of the council. This way, each and every meeting will have a voice on our board.


Proposal 3 submitted by Mayor Roman Ramirez:

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Chiara Villanova, owner of Virtuous Vice in our Mall. Upon the conversation I had with her, she shared that her place of business has been robbed three times since opening, the Mall has not seen a lot of foot traffic. This could be due to a wide variety of reasons. The biggest factor coming to mind is the convenience that is Online Shopping, with names such as Amazon, Newegg, and Ebay effectively making it much easier to shop at home. As such, with a small bit of brainstorming, I have worked with Ms. Villanova to think of a few ideas on how we can get our Citizens back into our shops, and more revenue going into our City. As such. I propose the following:

- A Tax Free Weekend for Brick and Mortar Shops. - The Creation of the Santa Ramona Chamber of Commerce. - Tax Breaks and/or Grants for potential qualifying businesses/workers to get started. - Stipends for Internships in area businesses

For the first part of the Proposal; the Tax Free Weekend is to encourage the Citizens of Santa Ramona to get out of their homes, and into our stores. When Ms. Villanova shared that she had been robbed, it was always at a point when the Mall was a Ghost Town. If we can promote foot traffic through Tax Free Weekend, we can effectively reduce the likelihood of robberies occurring. Or remove the opportunity entirely.

The second part, the creation of the Chamber of Commerce would effectively do two things; it would allow business owners to correlate with one another and promote the interests of businesses as a whole in the City. It would also create another seat in the City Council, with the President of the Chamber of Commerce taking the seat. With the Chamber of Commerce, businesses are able to sit in meetings with one another, and create policy, and standards for free trade in Santa Ramona.

The third part, I would like to see new entrepreneurs be able to get their businesses off of the ground. There are multitudes of people who have many bright ideas, and may or may not have the funds to do so. If it fits the budget, perhaps we could waive certain fees that come from creating a business. With new businesses, comes new jobs, and with new jobs, comes better quality of life for the people of Santa Ramona. We could pay for the fees by the use of State Grants available for us to utilize.