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Life is a game- Paint ball is serious.

SRPD sponsored by the Mayors Office will be holding a community paint ball quest on Menice Beach this coming Friday 09/06 at 1pm SLT. Entry is free and participants have free reign to shoot anyone from the other team- with paint balls of course! So gather your friends, family, even your frienemies together and give them a paint splattered ass whooping they will never forget all in defence of your base.

If you have what it takes to hold out against the opposing team and keep control of your base under siege then join us for a fun filled, paint splattered afternoon.

Jumpsuits and guns provided! Participants to meet outside the 'No Tell Motel' on Imperial Blv at 12.30pm for kitting out and instructions.

If you don't feel like getting covered in paint, then why not join us afterwards at 4pm, Menice Beach for a Beach BBQ.

See you There!

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