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Black Out Baby Born

SRGH told us today that one baby was delivered to Dr Allie Brentt during the recent blackout caused by Storm Derecho that made landfall on the coast near SRV on the evening of August 30th.

The idea that blackouts might lead to baby booms has been a subject of contention for a long time. It first came to prominence in popular culture after the great New York blackout of 1965, which left over 30 million people without electricity for 13 hours, but what about babies being born during blackouts?

For one little boy who was born at approximately 10.30am on Sunday September the 1st and weighing in at 7lbs, power outages will probably be part of his life living in this area of Southern California, but for his parents and Hospital staff it definitely made things interesting.

EMT's were called to City Hall about a hour earlier when the baby decided he was going to make an appearance in the foyer. Fortunately parts of City Hall had generators going and help was swift to arrive. The hospital was also running on generators.

"This is our second child together, and we both have older kids from previous marriages," explained the father Police Lieutenant Azariah Brentt who we caught on his way in this morning. "So we kind of old hat at it, and it was pretty straight forward and quick delivery. Of course Allie is Obs/Gyn at the hospital so she an expert anyway, and she and the baby are doing fine. I just thank god I was able to get to her in quick enough to be there when he was born, as the roads were crazy to a certain extent, you would be surprise the chaos caused when the traffic lights at intersections go out and people mill about all over the road." he explained.

We asked if they were going to call him something like Kol meaning Dark, Derecho the name of the recent storm that caused the power outage or Beorhtsige which literally means victory over darkness. "No, probably not." Azariah told us.

The big question everyone is wondering is will SRV experience its own 'baby boom' in May next year after almost 20 hours without power?