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A Touch Of Magic To SRV

A brand spanking new store has opened up on the streets of Santa Ramona Valley today. Bringing with it that touch of magic!

Down on Pacific near the beach front one of the quaint little store has now been snapped up by Roisin Russo. Taking the long awaited dusty room and with her own personal touch of magic has brought us the brand new 'The Pendulum Spiritual Shop'.

This Witch shop is now boasting the finest in spiritual equipment.

From Oils and Potions to Herbs and Candles this little store is packing all your spiritual needs be you wiccan, pagan, a mystic or just like to dabble now and then in the dark arts.

Be warned tho this isnt no Hogwarts gig! You could even find yourself in a seance with the unresting dead of Santa Ramona Valley!

I caught up with Roisin to see what she had to say about it all.

I asked Roisin why it is she brought a spiritual store to SRV and she responded with a chipper "well it is a Hobby of Mine has Been for many years , so I decides to enlighten others about it if they care to know , or Purchase items there"

I also asked her if the store was Voodoo clearly i was wrong Roisin set me straight with " Its Wiccan spiritual"

Finally i asked her if she was concerned that her store might end up being linked to the recent cult activities in Santa Ramona Valley "well People can really think what they like, But No Ive not Now and never Been in a cult"

Well there you have it, a brand new store full of mystical magic and perhaps with a touch of mayhem!

With tarot, palm and future readings on offer. Along with every concoction you could want be it to fall in love or to see off your enemy this little store has it all!!

So stop on by to The Pendulum and see for yourself with her officall opening happening Today!!