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Tension Builds In Southside

Endless unrest for the streets of Santa Ramona Valley as the Southside tension builds between the locals and known gangs within the area. Southside & Menice beach known for its darker side of life sporting the likes of The Kink Tank,

Alley Cats and the local MC, Hells Horseman Motorcycle Club otherwise known as HHMC. All of which are well known establishments that local gangs like to take up residency in.

Locals have reported ongoing disputes with these gangs and feeling terrorized by their living environments. A few commenting "we cant even get a drink without being badgered into buying drugs or being blackmailed into working for them".

However it appears the gangs have a few teething problems of their own as rival gangs go head to head with one another. Causing more chaos on the streets. With both heads of each gang plotting against the other, this brewing volcano is bound to erupt soon enough. With dirty dealings and attempting to buy up all the businesses in town.

These low life criminals will stop at nothing to feed their power hungry lifestyles. I attempted to acquire information from local gang members all refused to publicly comment on the ongoing situation. However a few whistle blowers where able to leak the sneak attacks both gangs are plotting.

Is Santa Ramona Police Department ready? Will the locals be able to hold up against the notorious good, bad and ugly? Only time will tell as we watch our streets potential fall into the hands of the criminals.

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