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Zombies Or Looters You Decide

The Santa Ramona church on Vestral street appears to be back in the lime light this week. With unfolding recent events turning up filled in holes within the sacred ground of the graveyard.

Small pot holes that have been filled in where spotted dotted around the graves and boundary walls yesterday morning, leaving the locals wondering.

With last weeks discovery of the gold filled mahogany chest during the reconstruction of the church after it fell victim to what is believed to be an arson attack.

There is avid speculation that there is much more to discover with the rich history of Santa Ramona Valley

Locals are concerned that last weeks article covering the discovery story and the comment made by museum worker Claire Stafford could be right. That looters may have taken it into their own hands to look for their portion of the Santa Ramona gold.

Where as several rumors had also risen from the streets of SRV that a few locals believed this was the work of the cult once more, and that rituals to raise the dead where carried out. Leaving many to think that the holes are now results of zombies walking among us.

I decided to do a little digging myself and spoke to a several members of the public regarding this incident and their views and opinions on the events unfolding, and the rumors flying around the summer air of Santa Ramona Valley.

An eye witnesses which I spoke to who wished to remain anonymous confirmed they saw shadows in the graveyard yet could not confirm if it was looters or zombies. "Seemed awful suspicious either way dead or alive it aint right" they commented.

Paul Dango a fellow citizen of Santa Ramona commented "oh it was zombies, I heard em, with their grizzling and groaning. Oh yeah we gots us some real troubles here"

Cloë Willows manager of the public pool commented when asked about her thoughts to the recent events " I doubt zombies, But who could do such a thing? I can only imagine it had to be some folks... Maybe looters. Whoever it is, they're messed up, that's for sure."

Chiara Villanova lead designer of Virtuous Vice Clothing Company commented " I seriously doubt there are zombies. probably teenagers trying to stir up the cult rumors."

With divided opinions among the Valley and the local authorities investigating the fresh holes. This occurrence is certainly turning into a mystery. It seems most of the valley are watching and are on high alert for looters and zombies.