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Legend has it that when the greedy Spanish conquistadors were raiding the town nestled in the valley now known as Santa Ramona, Saint Ramona herself hid as much gold and valuable artifacts as she could from the marauding and exploitative thieves invading her home and country.

Legend also has it that she put a curse on the gold, in an attempt to damn those greedy and bloodthirsty conquerors for eternity.

The former church out on Vestral street had been at the heart of some controversy over it's members potentially being involved in what was believed to be a secretive cult with strange symbols appearing all over the city allegedly their handiwork. Satanic rituals and a strange night in the Reel restaurant as well as dead animals appearing all over the city were also possibly tied to the cult whose members have been rumored to have left town after their church burned down.

The city hired Rousseau's Construction Company to restore the old Mission instead, giving the work to the company located on Shady Street. The company has built and renovated many buildings in Santa Ramona such as the new hospital and fire department post earthquake as well as El Toro Loco, the Santa Ramona Race Track among other builds and carrying out other repair and installation works.

Workers from the construction company owned by Dimitri and Alexia Rousseau managed to make a stunning discovery before they completed the project--- setting the restored Mission, the historic and original church of Santa Ramona on reinforced foundation with added features to ensure the stability of the Mission in an event of an earthquake as well protecting it's facade.

"I came across somethin' in that soil, over there by the boundary wall when I was makin' the wall in the first place, found out it weren't roots from trees that was disruptin the earth or some displaced soil from some earthquake but a heavy mahagony chest and a marble statue buried deep underground there where the old wall must'a run." Armand Dupres, 21, a construction worker for Rousseau's Construction explained.

"I believe this a fortunate find for the city---and lord knows if the curse real but the city will enjoy seein' this marble statue of Saint Ramona, we believe it to be her as it sayin on the plaque here on the statue." Construction company owner Dimitri Rousseau told the Chronicles.

"Armand here told me about the find and we got to diggin'----we turned it all up an' took us awhile but we got it all out safely, carefully---an' I called the Governor to give him the good news once we was clear about what we was lookin at." He added.

The find in the historic and old town region of Santa Ramona may not come as a surprise to those who have speculated that there must be old and valuable artifacts buried in the area and it's surroundings but the numerous gold coins buried in the chest along with the valuable marble statue of Saint Ramona will pique a lot of interest and curiosity about what else may be buried under the soil in historic Old Town, just off of Santa Ramona's down town area.

Will the discovery spur would be looters to attempt their own excavations in and around the area of the church? It is a concern that museum worker Claire Stafford voiced:

"We hope that this find doesn't lead to people believing they might find more gold out in the valley near the church. At least buy a metal detector before any attempts to find such items are made, we don't need people tearing up the city or the church and it's site. We just don't know what's out there but only those with proper research and Archaeological experience and degrees who work for the historical society of Santa Ramona should even attempt to uncover anything else!"

Whether or not greed runs deep in this city will have to be determined, but the watchful eyes of Santa Ramona remain if not actual, tangibly in the marble statue that commemorates her.